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Organizing TV Shows

Discussion in 'iPod' started by penter, Dec 24, 2006.

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    Hello, i have some TV shows, some with multiple seasons in my Library and most of them are assigned with a track number.

    When i have the works listed by Show, under the "grouped with artwok" view (the middle one of the three view options), they do so, but are organized alphabetically within the show (which is thus properly organized by seasons).

    The problem is that they are organized alphabetically, not according to their Track # (show number).

    How do i View each show classified by season, and each season having their episodes organized in their propper order?

    Sorry if this is confusing to understand... Here's a picture to clarify things:
    See how the numbers are out of order??

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    Clicking the tab on top of the number doesn't work? Put the show number before the title, that will work for sure.

    Why did you blur the show titles? Skinimax? :eek:
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    lol no, its not skinemax. its just a matter of privacy, that's all.

    i understand that if i put the number in front of the episode i will get them in the correct order, but i dont wish to do that.....

    doesnt it make sense that the episodes be arranged in their correct order, rather than in alphabetical order, though??
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    i guess you could also rename the files
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    the strangestg thing is that some other shows are arranged in their propper order, not alphabetically
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    You have to right-click every episode and Get Info (Command + I), click the Video tab and then put the Season Number and Episode Number for all of them. After you do that they should display just like you want them to.
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    thnx, i got it.

    i did put the season number and episode number for all of them, but that did nothing.
    i figured it out, tho. its kind of complicated, so i wont explain it.

    But thnx you guys for replying, it really helped.
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    If you figured it out and it was complicated, that's all the more reason you should explain it, so others can benefit.

    Speaking of this, though, I transfer shows from my ReplayTV and then convert them with iSquint, so I have to manually put in the season / number fields for these; they come with just a file title of the form show name - episode name. Has anyone observed that if they add a show into the television shows before they correctly fill all the video tab items, it sometimes not only appears in the wrong place within the season (usually first, even though it's a later episode; all the other episodes are correctly ordered), but weirder, does not immediately go to the right place when you populate the fields, unless you screw around with reordering it a few different ways, and then return to the original setup?

    Also why doesn't the television show name field do auto-complete? :eek:
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    d wade

    i'd go more along the lines that they are pirated. probly downloaded the season from bit torrent and doesn't wanna get the axe for it.

    not facts, just speculating. there is always that very infinitely small chance i am wrong though. which i am probably not
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    im not too sure of what you were trying to say, mkrishnan, because of the wording in your sentence, but i use iSquint as well, and i do have to fill in the season and episode number slots.

    here's what i noticed with my problem:

    after importing the TV Shows into the library they automatically go under the "Movies" tab, rather than the "TV shows" tab. I then used a script to set the video kind of those TV shows to, well, TV Show.

    The thing is that before setting the video kind to TV Show I had to edit all the video's information (specifically episode number) while it is in the "Movies" tab. That way the videos are properly organized under the "Movies" tab (using the "list" view) before their video kind is set to TV Show. This way the episodes will be sent to the "TV Shows" tab under their propper order.

    For some reason, under the "TV Shows" tab, you may edit the video's info, but even so, their order will not be changed. Under the "Movies" tab, you can successfully edit the video's info, thus making their position change to your desired arrangement.

    Hope you understood what i was trying to say. :)
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    did you have to point that out, d wade? I have all the right to blurr my image, its a matter of privacy. pulling the piracy card on me is just infair, now, c'mon.
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    No, I think that's the same conclusion I came to. So it's doing the same thing too you....

    The videos go straight to Movies by default when you import them; what I am doing is to edit all the season / episode information and change it from Movie type to TV Show type all at once; when I do this, they appear in the right place. I just have to make sure to do it all at once.

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