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Orgasmic chocolate

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wdlove, May 18, 2004.

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    mmh, chocolate ....

    they, Green & Black's is already being sold in UK :D
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    Or you could just fish out all the green M&Ms.
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    This is definitely going to bring a whole new meaning to chocolate. Dark chocolate has been linked to healthy qualities, some antioxidants. Now we will also have an aphrodisiac! :eek:
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    Savage Henry

    Will the chocolate only be available in stores behind the beaded curtain in discreet brown paper packages?

    And on a side note, how, like Dr Trudy Barber, do you become a "sex expert"? Are there exams? :rolleyes:

    Sex Expert = Failed Psychologist, and findings should be treated as such.
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    man chocolates have always beeen linked to sex!!!! i think these reasearchers need to get out more
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Great, like I don't have problems with my weight already! :rolleyes:
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    In this the chocolate really is orgasmic!
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    Yay! Another reason to stuff my face with chocolate. Now it tastes good AND feels good too. :D
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    screw the chocolate, the article said that robotic prostitutes are on the way. Hot damn! this is what a bunch of computer geeks should really be interested in ;)

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    I've been waiting for a collaboration between honda or sony or whoever with the little robots and the RealDoll people.

    Cherry 2000 here we come.
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    "They will contain higher than normal levels of the chemical phenyl ethylamine, which the body releases during sex, reports The Sun".

    Well as all Brits will know - if its in The Sun then it must be true!!!! (not).

    "Dr Barber, a specialist in internet sex, also claimed that robotic prostitutes are set to be developed"

    Where do the find these people?
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    Don't go dissing the fine people who brought us page 3.

    And why do they keep sending them to me.

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