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Orientation lock in Control Centre

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by MalusSylvestris, Sep 22, 2013.

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    On iOS 6, if you swiped across from the dock you could access the orientation lock. If you were in portrait mode it would lock you in portrait mode; if you were in landscape mode it would lock you in landscape. Just as you would expect.

    Now, with Control Centre, it locks you in portrait mode even if you are in landscape mode when you open it. Is this a bug or some weird deliberate design decision?
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    I dont think it would lock you in landscape in iOS 6, just tried it now and it automatically reverts back to portrait :confused:
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    I'm sure it did. I used to lock it in landscape mode for browsing web pages with small text, so the pages were wider. I can't be making this up surely?
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    I have to agree with the other guy. I'm positive it never locked in landscape mode.
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    It always locked to portrait, for me.

    Maybe a jailbreak thing?
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    Ok I just Googled this and it seems I'm wrong. Memory is a weird thing.

    Maybe I'm mixing it up with the iPad - can you do it there? (I don't have an iPad but I use them at work)
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    Yes, the iPad does what you're thinking.

    iPhone calls it 'Portrait Orientation Lock', and iPad calls it just 'Orientation Lock', which makes sense.
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    It works on iPad not on iPhone
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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure on the iPad you can lock landscape. Never on iPhone tough. But actually I've almost never used it.
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    Nope, stock iOS 6 never did this. IIRC this was what you would get if you had Flipswitch installed.

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