Original Angry Birds Updated with New Egg Defender Mode

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    Rovio has released a number of Angry Birds titles since its original game took off in 2009, but today its first Angry Birds game received a significant update that adds Bad Piggies gameplay in the form of a new Egg Defender mode.

    In Egg Defender mode, players will use the Red Bird (who has been equipped with new powers) to fight off wave after wave of Bad Piggies. Egg Defender mode adds 15 new levels to the original game, along with 73 pig contraptions.

    Angry Birds is available for both the iPhone and the iPad for $0.99 and $2.99, respectively.

    - Angry Birds for iPhone [Direct Link]
    - Angry Birds HD for iPad [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Original Angry Birds Updated with New Egg Defender Mode
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    Egg Defender is pretty laggy on my iPhone4... An it seems to be optimized for the iPhone5 display. Things you should see aren't displayed during the game :confused:
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    this could be a really cool multi player game, "defend the castle, one player builds contraptions the other defends
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    Jumped. The. Shark.
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    Why is everyone so critical when there are Angry Birds articles? They still periodically put free updates in a 99-cent game that came out in 2009. (It's 2013 now.) And it's not one of those freemium games where you have to keep pouring money into it to actually advance, either.
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    It can be a freemium game if you decide to spend in app money to help you through a level. What is different is that you can actually make it through the game with effort and not be forced to spend money.
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    make the games stop.... i have to play it all over again.... make it stop.....:D
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    I kind of lost a lot of respect for Renio as even in their paid version of their apps they still shove in tons of ads and try to make you buy a lot of crap.
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    If by 'Renio' you mean 'Rovio', I agree. I used to play Angry Birds a lot before they started shoving ads in my face and removed the button to disable them.
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    Exactly. You can actually realistically win the game and with practice, get 3 stars on all levels without paying a cent more than the app's price. If you're stuck on a level, want to speed things up, etc. you can choose to do an in-app purchase, but you don't need to. If someone is going to offer in-app purchases for games, I think that's how it should be.
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    If you BUY the app, there are NO ads and there ARE free updates. :rolleyes:
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    Rovio have marketed and capitalized brilliantly, but they have been great to their customers. What other game has ever provided so much continuous free content once you've bought it? If they had wanted to be greedy, they could have been adding all the new levels as in-app purchases. I appreciate that they haven't resorted to that and I think it shows that the developers actually care that their users have a fun, satisfying and challenging experience.

    Compare that to something like Candy Crush...
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    although I don't like Angry Birds that much, this is really the way to go, not that freemium BS or overpriced apps.
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    What I have an issue with is the fact that there are dozens if not hundreds or thousands of lesser known apps that deserve more coverage, but MacRumors never touches, while they simultaneously decide to write Angry Birds articles every week.

    As an example app they should cover, IDK, maybe one of MacWorld's favorite 50 apps from 2012 (I wonder which one I'm talking about...)
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    Love the update, it's annoyingly hard and isn't helping my battery life!
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    You're probably right. Smooth as silk on iPhone 5.
    But man, I don't like the moving pig contraptions.
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    Not at all, don't be silly.
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    Not 100% accurate... the cross promotion ads in the paid version are all over the place. These are different from the money making click-thru ads though.
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    So you want your MAC app to be featured on the iPhone blog of MacRumors.

    I'm sure if you really want MacRumors to feature your app you can pay for it as obviously they wouldn't randomly post about it otherwise. As it stands your app wouldn't generate anywhere near as much affiliate income for MacRumors as an AngryBirds link.

    I do however agree that MR over-promotes AngryBirds updates. Taking a look at the top 100 games, or getting a few guest posts from their sister sites AppShopper and TouchArcade would be way better reading.
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    No, but they do have a Mac Blog (which they actually treat exactly like Page 2... Apple stores, Apple's executives, and Apple's minor court cases are all the sorts of news that they stick in the Mac Blog.)

    Although this theory sounds plausible, it's not the case. MacRumors doesn't take bribes to run news stories. If they did, they'd be a deeply flawed news source with a questionable interest in actually sharing news. As is, when MacRumors stands to gain from you clicking on a link in a story, they mention it (IE, when they post about various sales during the Winter holidays, they mention that some of the retailers are giving MR a small portion of the revenue if you get to the page via the MR link.)

    I am aware that MR has paid advertising banners, but I have no budget for anything.
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    Take a look at every outgoing link - if its going to any 3rd party that sells stuff, its an affiliate link using Viglinks ;) Even if MacRumors dont mention it, every single post that links to an app is a moneymaker.
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    The indirect links point to MR's sister site, AppShopper, while the [Direct Links] go directly to the App Store pages.
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    Yup and MacRumors make money either way as the AppShopper links are also affiliate links.

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