Original KITT on eBay

Discussion in 'Community' started by iGav, Jul 23, 2004.

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    That is sooo cool. Loved that show as a kid.
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    My brothers would be SO jealous :)
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    oh man, would somebody please lend me $40,000??? :D

    all i need this, one of the cars from Dukes Of Hazard (if there are any left), and the helicopter from Airwolf and i'd be able to die happy. ;)
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    no turbo boost?

    Forget it! :)
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    I have no idea if this is the original General Lee, but if you were over here, you could hire it. ;)


    As for Airwolf, the actual helicopter was converted into an Air Ambulance in Germany, but sadly crashed in 1991, killing it's 3 passengers.


    Streethawk survives though.... :p :p :p

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    so cooool!

    (Back in the days cool was still a cool world ;) )

    Ahh man I want that car. How many times did I want to know KITT as a kid. Of course for me Kitt was a person, he could talk, man.

    If only I had the cash. This one will end up way more than 40.000 im telling ya.

    ahhh david and kitt…
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    David, ha! With that sophistacated British accent, KITT was far sexier than Mr. Hasselhoff. :p

    The prop's nice, but without KITT himself the thing loses most of its appeal, really. :D
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    British accent??????? :confused:
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    As I recall, KITT had an upper-class English accent, or at the very least, one of the American accents so upper-crust it's almost British.
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    yeah, IIRC, the voice was very michael caine'ish. :)
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    Caine's voice has a noticeable London "twang" to it. Like rueyeet says, the voice was really upper-class American. Those of you who have watched "The Graduate" will recognise the voice of KITT as belonging to the actor who played Benjamin Braddock's dad, William Daniels. William Daniels was born in Brooklyn, New York, far, far away from dear ol' Blighty. Their voices sound similar to an extent, but Daniels' is much softer and more mellow than Caine's. Caine's voice stil has some harsh elements to it.
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    heh, i was like 10 when it came out.. i dont remember much anymore.. mind is very very cloudy ;D
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