Original Pricing scheme for July 2011 MacBook Air Build To Order Models

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Mavi, Jun 29, 2012.

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    Hi. I'm trying to evaluate the pricing on the refurbished units of the older 11" MacBook Air and wanted to get the original pricing as a baseline comparison.

    I remember the base model was $999 (1.6Ghz i5, 2GB ram, 64GB SSD, 256MB video memory), then I think for $1199 you got 4GB of ram, 128GB SSD, and 384MB ram for the video.

    Was it $300 extra for the 256GB SSD?
    And how much to upgrade to the 1.8Ghz i7?

    This is just baseline retail pricing with no educational discount or anything like that. Thank you!
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    Perhaps you can use Wayback internet archive to figure things out?

    It takes snapshots over webpages throughout the year and stores them on the internet.

    Here's the link:

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    It was $300 to upgrade to 256GB, and $150 for the i7. In general, the prices of the upgraded MacBook Air line were the same as they are for the 8GB models this year (i.e. $1649 buys you an 11" i7 with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD).
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    Thank you KPOM!

    As a side question, was the 512GB SSD option on the MBP also $500 more over the 256GB SSD (even though it wasn't available on the MBA)? I'm trying to figure out if SSD pricing by Apple has come down at all or is still just as expensive, 1 year later...
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    I am not certain, but I'm pretty sure it was only $100 to go up to the i7 (or $90 with the education discount).
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    On the 13", it was $100 for i7. On the 11", it was $150.

    SSD 128 -> 256 on either machine was $300 difference. Base 11" charged $100 to move to 4GB RAM.
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    I believe Apple SSD pricing has stayed the same, even though in general SSD prices have dropped.

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