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Discussion in 'Leopard Event Meetups' started by Freis968, Oct 17, 2007.

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    I talked to an Apple rep at the Apple kiosk tonight at the Best Buy in Orlando, FL near the Fashion Square Mall and asked her if they would be selling Leopard at Best Buy on the 26th and she said "YES"...anyone else hear this and is it a fact?

    When iWork '08 and iLife '08 were released, the CompUSA in Altamonte Springs, FL [a few mins from Orlando] did not have the product for days after the release and I had to drive a ways to the Apple Milennia store miles and lots 'o traffic aways from where I live.

    Best Buy or CompUSA is more convenient for me so if anyone can confirm on if they will both or one be carrying it for sale on the 26th would be appreciated as most of the time the "ding-dongs" that work there don't even know their name, let alone what Leopard is.

    On a side note, yesterday I went in my local Circuit City to buy the new R.E.M. Live CD/DVD combo that went on sale yesterday and when I could not find it anywhere [surprise, surprise], the 20yr old kid never even heard of R.E.M. and he works in the CD department? LOL!
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    Hey, we need a meetup here! Only trouble is, once I buy it I am flying out the door and coming home to install it...no time to talk here! LOL!

    I will be going to either Best Buy, Altamonte or CompUSA if one of them has it on release day...:)
  3. Mal
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    Hey, anyone who's in the Orlando area, stop by Connecting Point in Winter Park instead. I'll be there from 6pm until 8 or 9, depending on what we decide, since I work there. I'd love some company!

    Map and Directions

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    The guy that runs the Apple mini store in Altamonte is very helpful. Someone should ask him. I plan to go to Millinia for the waiting in line thing. I've done it for every major OSX release since Beta. There wasn't even an Apple store then. Not many people either. My second launch was at the Galleria in Atlanta. The line was like 400 people! Thankfully we got there early. Can't wait.

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    I'm planning on going to the Millenia Mall Apple Store

    Probably won't be there until later (IE not 6:00)
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    Picking mine up at the UCF computer store, $69. Any other UCF students nabbing it on day one?
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    Jeez, you UCF students get the $69 licenses? I haven't heard anything about Full Sail carrying them, of course all the new students for the last several months are issued Macbook Pros, so it would probably be unnecessary.

    Otherwise, what's the Millenia Mall or Florida Mall's outlook like? Does anyone expect there to be a huge crowd for Leopard or you think I could stop by around 5 and have a good chance at getting a T-shirt when they reopen?

    Edit: Mal, Are you going to be giving out the T-Shirts? I'm a souvenir junkie, I'm afraid.
  8. Mal
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    I would, but my dad already preorder it for the $116 online. :rolleyes: He could probably still cancel it, but he didn't seem to mind.

    Hey, unfortunately we won't have any t-shirts, though I do have some stuffed leopards (don't know if we're planning to give those away with Leopard or if there's some other deal the boss wants to setup). We might have pizza and drinks or something, though, apparently did that for the Tiger launch (I wasn't working here then, and didn't know to stop by).

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    Leopard at Best Buy

    Leopard will be at the Best Buy stores... and Apple Reps in most of the stores to answer questions too
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    Are there really so few people actually going to either of the Apple Stores in Orlando? Makes me feel better about trying to get a T-shirt. :p
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    So is it for sure $69 at UCF? Can I prepay to ensure I get a copy?
  12. Mal
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    Yes and yes. Although, might call today to make sure they haven't sold all their planned stock.

    BTW, just received confirmation that Connecting Point will indeed have Leopard in stock, hopefully at least 8-10 copies (I wasn't given a count). Unfortunately, we can't even set it up on our own machines until 6pm. :(

    Oh well.

    Come by and see us.

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    I asked Tristan in class and he said you guys won't have it till Monday possibly? Not a big deal, I'll probly grab a torrent to cure my curiosity, and just buy it Monday.
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  15. Mal
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    Tristan? Dunno who you're talking about, there's only three of us here and I'm the only one that does the classes. We're supposed to have them Fri, though we might not have a bunch I hear. Only got 2 each of the regular and family packs with names on them, though we're not actually holding them.

    And don't tell us you're grabbing a torrent, regardless of your intention of buying, it's still illegal.

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    BTW- 8-10 copies is all you guys are getting? :confused:

    I'll buy it online and pick it up Friday or Monday.
  17. Mal
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    Yeah, the manager ordered 20 regular install disks and 10 family packs for both our store and theirs. That means I'll probably have about half that here, at most, and I know several of those are sold. We're a pretty small store.

    Just cause you seem confused, let me clarify that this is not the Apple Store I'm talking about. We're a little dealer on Fairbanks in Winter Park called Connecting Point.

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    A pal of mine who preordered at the UCF computer store today tells me they claim they won't have it until "next week," for whatever reason. Agony.
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    OK, I thought you were the UCF computer store, so that amount seemed kind of low for all the users at UCF. That clarifies things. :D

    That goes along with what I was told by a buddy who works there, Monday or Tuesday at the latest.
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    Just to double-clarify, your post sounds like you perhaps misunderstood, but $69 is in fact, the price you'll pay at UCF. Some schools get a big bulk educational discount, and from what I understand, UCF is included in that. Edit: I'm actually not a UCF student, so I can't directly confirm, but the above posts seem to indicate this, and I do know that some schools are selling Leopard for $69.

    PS: It's really amazing me how little information I'm actually getting. I expected to get some idea of how much of a crowd would be at the stores, but those people don't appear to be reading MacRumors' forums. Does anyone know what it was like when Tiger came out? Would Millenia or Florida Mall have a smaller crowd? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
  21. Mal
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    I don't think it's even a matter of quantity discounts, but merely the fact that Apple only offers the $69 price to places that will confirm that the purchasers are, indeed students. Every college should be able to offer it for $69, as long as they have an on-campus store that sells Apple products.

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    Well, I'll be down at the Florida Mall store around 5pm...I want a T-Shirt! (for my daughter) :)
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    I won't be in Orlando for another week, but I want a T-shirt!:( I plan on getting my copy of leopard at UCF. Gainesville sucks theres no apple store and UF makes students pay full price for apple products (although I am only two hours away from the apple stores in Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville :rolleyes:)
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    Well we're splitting hairs, but you're right. I didn't need to say "bulk." I was more concerned that it sounded to me like he thought the $69 price was a special discount or employee discount or something, and was reiterating that it was a student price, available to him.
  25. Mal
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    Absolutely correct, wasn't meaning to split hairs.

    BTW, I have just received confirmation that Connecting Point will have 15 single copies and 8 family packs of Leopard tomorrow at 6pm. Come on by and see us!


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