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OS 10.2.5 still won't boot - I've tried everything!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by supermac, Oct 28, 2003.

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    Had a great amount of help from my last message post (having installed 10.2.5 earlier in the summer, not using it and coming back to it a week ago, nothing just a grey screen with the apple icon - no rotating icon) and I've tried all suggestions helpfully given below ...

    Run disk utility. When the installer comes up, click on the "installer" menu, and select run disk utility. then verify both the disk and permissions. repair as needed.If this doesn't work, try using the single user start up mode. hold down apple and "s" after hearing the startup sound. it will start you up on a black screen with lots of white type. when you get to the prompt, type in: fsck -y press enter, let it check the directory. when it finishes, type: reboot

    ... still no luck, can't even get into single user mode, just the grey screen and icon again, no rotating icon.

    Has anyone got any more suggestions besides reformatting the hard drive. Can I reinstall OSX?

    On another OSX issue - I was having problems with my Mac at work and was told that you have to leave between 15 and 20% of your hard drive space free for UNIX to operate fully!!! Greedy or what!

    Anyway any and all help would be much appreciated ...
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    As soon as the machine chimes, hold down apple-v. This will give you verbose mode, and you should be able to see at which point the boot process is freezing. It sounds like you have bad RAM. Some RAM works fine in OS 9 but won't get very far in OS X. BTW What machine are you using, and have you got third party RAM in it?
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    Tried 'apple v' nothing - I suppose this means that its not even attempting to boot up.

    About the RAM, I've got a G4 733mHz running with the maximum of 1.5Gb of RAM. The original 500mb being the RAM that came with the Mac (I think) and the other 1Gb I bought from Crucial.

    Any more suggestions ... could I reinstall OSX without reinitialising the hard drive?

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    Well, before anything else, try taking out the RAM that didn't come with it and see if it boots up.

    edit: And with that, I reach 500 posts.
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    Tried the RAM remove idea, still no boot up in OSX.

    Has anyone any views on an Archive Install - does it work on the updated version (10.2.5) or do you have to go back to 10.2?

    Is it successful at the stage I'm at - grey screen with Apple icon - no round swirling thingy!

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    Dont Hurt Me

    just a idea, make sure you have any add ons detached,anything in the pci slots removed. i had a pci card fried by a storm and had about the same as you until i removed the card also zap that pram. good luck
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    Sorted it ...

    Thank's everybody for all your help.

    I've resorted to an Archive Install from System 10.2 and it works fine now.

    Phew ... really didn't want to reinitialise the hard drive.

    Great forum ... keep on keeping on ...


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