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OS for ORIGINAL Mac 128k

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by Toeknee, Jan 22, 2004.

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    My coworker has the original Mac 128k, the one that started all of this. I've been meaning to fire it up. One problem, he doesn't know where the system disks are, since it had the OS on disks (due to the lack of HD) we are goin no where. Just wondering if anybody knows where I could find these disks stopping short of garage sales and museums :) Thanks everyone.
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    I may have my backups of 6.0.8 but I'll have to look for them but I don't think that they're on 400 KB diskettes.
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    There's a Carracho server called "OS6" - and it has EVERYTHING associated with Classic Macs - OS's, programs, etc., so download the new Carracho client from www.carracho.com and do the search through www.tracker-tracker.com for the location of OS6...

    Great for emulators, but even better for your predicament.

    Your only problem would be to source the 400k disks, and find a way to write onto them.

    The only way I could see you MIGHT be able to do this is thru a PC - believe it or not. Try HVFExplorer, which you can find at:


    It's a great method of getting software to run thru a Mac emulator on the PC (i.e. Basilisk II) - and it also creates Mac-formatted disks on a PC's drive. Whether the program will write to 400k disks is another matter...

    Give it a go - it may work!

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    Thanks guys I'll look into that. (oh and im sorry it was a mac plus not the 128k)
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    I have every MacOS back to System 1... now if I could only find the CD... :rolleyes:

    Oh... Mac Plus? Well :p !! Nevermind. You wouldn't have much fun running pre-OS 6 on one of those.
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    Re: would you belive it.

    yeah i would - and they also have os 7 and 7.5 available for free download too.... (oh, and there's some petition floating around to get os 8 freed up as well)

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    Along those lines - MacWrite??

    Along the same lines, I have a bunch of old docs done in MacWrite and MacWrite II. Modern WORD, WordPerfect, etc. can't read them. Might there be some old downloadable MacWrite programs out there someplace? If so, would I also need to download and install OS 6 and try to run off of that (I am on a Mac 450). Thanks.
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    Up until last summer I had my original Apple 2e that I bought in '83. The monitor was dead, but everything else worked fine. It was even fully upgraded (that means it had two floppy drives instead of one -- yippee).

    My wife wanted to get rid of it, but I told her that I had screenplays and short stories on floppies (those huge floppies, what were they called? I just loved those old ribbon cords).

    Later, I couldn't find the floppies anymore so I agreed to get rid of the antique. Of course, a week later I found the floppies. I sure miss my ol' Apple. It was certainly no slower that my current Mac -- thanks to no graphics.
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    If you have vintage Macs (I have a 128k, 512k, 512e and a Mac Plus) it's fruitless if you don't have the 400k disks. Fire in the shed and there goes a box of system disks and games. Luckily I had a HD so I can run them but have no apps or games :( :(

    But I could be wrong, post back if you've used normal floppies to run your mac plus!
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    me hate windows

    kind of off topic, but I have a Mac SE with a 20MB harddrive and 1 800K floppy drive that I just picked up for $10 dollars a few days ago. The only problem is that the floppy drive wont work. When you try to put a disk in, it wont do anything, so you have to shove it in. Then it wont read it and I had to use the paper clip to get it out. I have a IIVX and I want to put the software on that and use LocalTalk to put it on the SE. I have the cables, but I dont know how to make them work. Can anyone help?:confused:
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    Re: OS for ORIGINAL Mac 128k

    Will this help?

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    It's been a while, but I had a 3 node LocalTalk network. Connect the cables to the printer (or modem) ports and make sure both ends are terminated.

    Use the AppleTalk control panel to set up a computer name and turn on AppleTalk on each machine.

    Use the File Sharing control panel to turn on file sharing. I think this is where you set up external users too.

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