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OS X 10.4.11 Running really slow!!!!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by MacAndrew92, Jan 29, 2011.

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    Something isn't right, because it says you have 2GB installed in your "about this mac" screen shot, but in activity monitor, it only recognizes 512MB. Try reseating your RAM, and don't be afraid to give it a solid push into the slots.
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    My suggestion was to open up your case, take out each stick and put it back in. Sometimes that helps.
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    I've done that, I've cleaned the slots still nothing I've reseted the PRAM :(:( still nothing :(:( i don't know what I can do
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    Ive removed the 1 gb stick so im only with 1 gb of ram, i got 669 mb free ram whats wrong with the other one?
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    the 1GB is probably the problem then. You have 1GB still installed and 669MB free, which sounds about right. You'll want to replace that 1GB stick, and maybe even just grab 4 new 1GB sticks, which are pretty inexpensive, and will be helpful for photoshop.
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    Thanks for the repley :)
    One question im using 10.4.11 with atm 1 gb ram do u think photoshop will work okay ;)
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    Well it will run, but I wouldnt expect it to be speedy if your running multiple layers with multiple filters/effects.
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    Okay :D thanks a lot for your support really helped me :D

    One final question if u dont mind do u think OS X 10.4.11 is old :/ cause i really don't wanna to upgrade and apple droped tiger support :(:(
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    Personally I dont think its that old really (I was using OS 9 for production until 2010 when I finally jumped off of Final Cut Pro 1) - I still have it in full time use on my iTunes Server, and I have 10.3.9 on a PowerBook as its just so much faster than 10.5 even though its supported on both, and I have the disks). There are still community projects such as TenFourFox designed to bring the latest Browsing etc to it.
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    Thanks a lot :) btw i've seen your youtube videos they are very cool gosh u must be lucky to have lots of macs xd

    One question does the hosting webs.com are okay cause im using a home made web server intel atom xd
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    You mean hosting a website on webs.com? Yeah I've had one on there since '06 with no problems.


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