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OS X 10.8 install nixes widget mondo solitare

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by bobferg2, Jul 29, 2012.

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    Dashboard opens but mondo solitaire widget is blank green rectangle. Also, mondo solitaire does not appear in current Apple widget website. I seem to have lost a friend.
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    I have registered to reply to this problem.

    I too had the same problem after upgrading to ML this day. The fix is to click on the i symbol bottom right hand corner of the green panel - you will need to move your cursor over that area for the symbol to show up. then in the Games drop down menu choose a different game, click Done. Now repeat the process but this time choose the game you want. The game we had problems with was Klondike game (2).

    Hope this helps.
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    I can't believe you registered on this site just to respond to my problem. I'm certainly glad you did.. your answer was perfect. I have my friend back and have you to thank!

    Bob Ferguson
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    turns out that OS X 10.8+ has an issue with a space in the directory name.
    when you download mondosolitarie.wdgt.zip unzips into
    "mondo solitaire.wdgt" - directory with a space in it

    Just remove that space, e.g. -> mondo.wdgt or mondosolitaire.wdgt
    and then install the widget - default game will be selected. Also selects for table, card, and card backs will be again available.


    OS X 10.9
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    Two years after the problem was posted, but what the hey, better late the never they say.
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    Klondike Accessible

    Imitating your fine example, I, too, have registered in kind.

    To play Klondike (2), you _MUST_ download a fresh copy of Mondo-Solitaire, then, after selecting the i symbol, select the "TriPeaks Game", click on "Done;" next click the i symbol once more, and then select "Klondike (2)" and click on done. Klondike (2) will now play. If you attempt to play Klondike before picking Tripeaks, this will not work until you again load a fresh copy.

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