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Os X.2.4

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by morlium, Jan 9, 2003.

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    This is a screen shot taken from MWSF ... OS X.2.4 so soon?
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    Over Achiever

    Um...you didn't attach the pic. Here is the screenshot you must be talking about.

    This was taken off the 17" powerbook displayed there...the 12" powerbook is running 10.2.3.
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    ha ha....


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    Drivers for Firewire 800? Airport Extreme?

    Is it really so that the Airport Extreme cards won't work in older Macs?

    (BTW, I was hoping the whole "Extreme" fad had died out at this point. What will they call the 500 megabit wireless protocol?... "Push the lever all the way to Ludicrous Speed")
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    whats the build number on that build?
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    Unless you have a brand new Mac with the mini-PCI slot you're out of luck. The new card won't fit in the old slot style.

    You can still use an old AirPort card with the new "Extreme" base station though, but only at 11Mbps.

    I'd have to agree that the "extreme" title has gotten old.
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    in three days the word "extreme" has gotten old?! and what would be the point of 500 megabit wi-fi, it'll be years before internet connections and filesizes are big enough to need that kind of speed...

    kind of weird that 10.2.4 doesn't say "copyright 2003" on it... since it'll be a 2003 release, you'd think they would stick that in...

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    Over Achiever

    Yeah, but it was built in 2002. Check it out:

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