OS X Finder icon wood carving

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by macmike47, Dec 3, 2009.

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    Not bad, nice job
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    Jason Beck

    N I C E.
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    Cool. You just have to add wheels and remote control so it can haunt those pcnormal people. =)

    Scary: PCnormal Activity
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    that is the most beautifulest thing i have ever seen:)
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    Nice job with that. It came out nicely. Are you displaying it somewhere in your home?
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    Thanks for the kind comments! Right now, it's sitting on my window sill.

    I've thought about doing other icons, but none are quite as iconic as Finder

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    That's fantastic — good job!

    I can't believe there are some people (on other threads) who don't like the Finder icon and say Apple should get rid. It makes me mad. :mad: They should see this first before making comments like that.
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    A friend of mine has made a handful of Finder paintings. They are neat conversation pieces.

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