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OS X Hacked!!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by idkew, Oct 22, 2002.

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    I wish i had proof to show you guys this, but i guess you will have to take my word for it.

    I was checking my sharing prefs in the sys prefs app, and instead of saying "click stop to...." it said, are you ready? (i took a screen shot, but NONE of the five worked... file read error, so i did not write this down exactrly, but i think it went like this)

    Cupertino Sharing On

    Lots of information for me
    and you
    and timmy too.


    crazy huh? how do you all think this happened? time to change ALL passwords?:confused: :confused: :confused:
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    Made any enemies lately? On AOL? Both?

    ...keep us updated and good luck?
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    Whoa... you should definitely report that to Apple. I checked my settings and couldn't reproduce the same thing by turning File Sharing on and off... then again, I never have File Sharing enabled in the first place...
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    I remember about a week ago on Crazy Apple Rumors their little subheading was something like "Who is this Timmy and how did he get on our network??"

    I thought they were joking, seeing as, they're crazy apple rumors, but it sounds related. Of course, I say this as I check my prefs...
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    There has been at least one other thread here that I remember where this happened to someone....

    then more spoke up within that thread. One guy actually posted a screenshot...

    I dont think we ever figured out what was going on....
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    Yeah, I just did a search. Here's the thread:


    Very weird! It could be an Easter Egg, but it's a bit of an unsettling one, wouldn't you say?

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    this is the german version,
    i took the screen shot from stike.

    mine was about the same, but in english...

    i guess this may be an actual easter egg. with steve at the helm?! How amazing!!

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    This is weird. Anyone out there able to reproduce this? I tried turning on my file sharing and nothing.
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    that's quite weird, i'd be starting to get worried, and i'd definitely give Apple a call.
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    found this english version pic elsewhere (spymac gallery) so this is not my screenshot.

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    but....who is Tommy?

    how come zee Germans get hacked by one more person?
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    It's TIMMY from South Park!!!! :eek: :D
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    zee germans get Timmy AND Tommy.
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    There is definitely something spooky going on. I'd say Morpheus is looking for you! :D

    Edit: I have a theory!
    Lets say Mac OS X has built in spyware in it, and there are some rebel fractions inside of Cupertino (apple workers) who are fighting for privacy of mac users, and programmers built this message inside osx to let us know Cupertino is spying all data on our macs..
    Cupertino sharing on: it means all data are shared with Cupertino!
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    You people are way too paranoid

    Every time you go online, use your phone, credit card, even getting snail mail you are given away your private information there is no way to avoid it, so get over it and move on.

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    Re: You people are way too paranoid

    There's a difference between willingly giving away private information and having it unknowingly available to someone through a back door.
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    Re: Re: You people are way too paranoid

    In this time we live there is no diffrence any more.;)
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    i have a theory:

    its a simple programmers joke.
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    Could be

    But I though eastern eggs were forbidden?

    If uncle steve finds out who ever did it is going to be in big trouble.:D

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