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OS X laggards 'hindering Adobe CS'

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 19, 2004.

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    In reality the article barely touches on it's title. Hopefully Adobe will make CS more 64 bit next time around and start milking the G5 for all it's raw ooey gooey powerful goodness!
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    i don't buy that for a minute. in my opinion, the types of people who would be considering the adobe cs products (professionals), would have long ago switched to osx. it's likely to have more to do with the price or confusing bundle options they now offer.
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    In the world of design and print it would have a lot to do with the Total Cost Of Upgrade. Which involves more than just getting OSX and Adobe CS. It involves or can involve upgrading one or a number of Macs from OS9 to OSX as well as other printer compatibilty issues for other periferal software such as preflighting and font management.

    This often has to be incorporated in to anything up to 20+ Mac systems in a design studio rather than just one Mac. Many studios will consider staying with Quark/Indesign 2.02 and OS9 for as long as they can primarily for financial reasons and because as we all know "Macs just work" so why replace an OS9 system running Quark 4.1 and Photoshop 5.0 if if that is all your operator needs or uses.

    Indesign is set to take over the layout/design market from Quark but there are still users who will take time and/or resist the change.
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    How many of us were waiting on Adobe to go to Mac OS X?

    If anyone is likely to be waiting, it would be the print houses. They're probably still waiting for drivers for their high end printers and drum scanners. They're also most likely using Quark XPress 4.11.

    I still haven't upgraded to CS. It's not filled with necessities for me. Besides, the pricing is prohibitive. I have three full licence Adobe products, so why do they only give me recognition for one of them?
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    I agree, I'm using InDesign CS and there are printers I have to deal with that are still on OS 8.6 or 9 with way-old versions of various applications.

    They're stuck there because they know it will work and their margins are so damn small they can't afford to screw around with upgrades. And I can't really blame them. I was an early adopter of OS X and it cost me (period). Between having to upgrade various utilities and hardware and the time lost dealing with things that didn't work as well as they had in 9 it was a noticeable impact. But for me, part of what I do is being on top of new technology.

    Also, with the improvements in PDF export in CS, Adobe may find that print shops and other service bureaus won't need to upgrade, as we may finally be able to move away from sending native files (?). So they could be inherently reducing demand from a broader audience, to serving mostly true content creators. Just a thought...
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    Half the designers I know still use OS9.. So it can only get better for Adobe. ;)
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    were using osx and adobe cs and so far things are running smooth. we've had a few minor things, but nothing we couldn't work around. what kills me is when we send files to some of our vendors and they say, "hey, do you mind saving that as illustrator 8"?! let's at least move to version 10 people.
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    Pre press and post script drivers do not handle the transparency in Illustrator 10 and Illustrator 8 still does everything else that you could otherwise do in Illustrator 10 like getting your illustration out to the printer in time!
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    We're using OS X. As far as why we didn't purchase CS? No compelling reason to at this point. While I love some of the new features available in Photoshop, illustrator and InDesign CS, there was none compelling enough at this point to warrant making a request/proposal for the upgrade.

    Photoshop 7, Illustrator 10 and indesign 2 are filling our needs nicely at this point.
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    Designing still on Os 9?

    where have you been?

    A SIGNIFICANT portion have moved to Mac Os X, a majority one would believe and they are blaming that...

    ha! What an excuse!
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    All the reasons you've mentioned PLUS I believe that Illustrator 8 under Classic mode is faster, more stable, and less quirky than 10 or CS. Seriously. I've got so frustrated with the CS that I wiped that off from my hard disk and decided to stick with the 8. it works seamlessly with Photoshop 7 (OS X native) and using it under Classic means that I don't have any of freezes. I am very happy with my setup.
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    Many media firms have not updated to OS X -- its a simple fact. These are companies being run by penny pinchers. If it were up to the people doing the work, they would have upgraded long ago.

    Its a common complaint with art directors and production staff: we're always behind in our upgrades.

    The move to OS X for desktop publishers is not an easy step. In addition to the Adobe products there is Quark (which took its sweet time), as well as all the other tools -- scanner and print drivers, etc.

    (For the sake of full disclosure: I'm a media consultant. My recommendation is always to follow the staff recommendations. My clients hate that because they know it will cost them money. But I always ask them: who is doing the work? If you upgrade you make the designers happy and more productive -- plus you get to keep the hardware and software -- it's yours, it stays when people go.)
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    I was just on the CS web page and clicked the "give feedback" button. They asked why I might not upgrade and they even had "price should take into account multiple owned products". :)

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