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OS X Mountain Lion install process

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by timtax, Jul 27, 2012.

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    Hi everyone, I wanted to check with you guys how your installation process went? The thing is that I've experienced on both of my macs that the Mountain Lion install was almost done (like 1 minutes remaining) when all of a sudden it hopped back to 15-20 minutes remaining..?
    Mountain Lion still installed fine, but it seems odd to me... anyone who had the same thing or who could explain?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I didn't have any issues with the install. I did a clean install by erasing my HDD and installing ML from an external HDD.
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    Installing as I write this.
    10 mins remaining......
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    Mine did exactly the same tonight. Got down to less than a minute remaining and then went back up to 20 minutes remaining. About 20 minutes later all done. All fine.
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    started the install and went for a walk....watching an OS install is like watching grass grow...
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    I went the clean install route and it went really well. Piece of cake..

    First downloaded from MAS, waited 30mins. Created boot install disk using Lion Disk Maker onto an external 300GB drive. Booted into external install drive. Ran Disk Utility and did a 3-pass zero wipe.

    Came back after work and ran the installer, finished in about 30 mins. Booted into the system and setup iCloud.

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    I did a "dirty" install. Took about 18mins. All good.
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    Took about 30 min or so to install. Downloaded it early in the morning and took a nap. Woke up and it was ready to go. I let it install and had breakfast. Came back and was done.
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    Mine took about 30 minutes to count down to "Less than a minute". Then it went to minus 1 minute, and minus 2 minutes, and minus 3 minutes, and then I stopped watching. Next time I looked it said 17 minutes to go. That was my first trip back in time.
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    Same thing happened to me -- down to a minute to go and then back to 30 minutes remaining -- but everything's been fine and running smoothly since.
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    Mine went fine. Got down to ZERO minutes left, the started counting up negative minutes left. At one point I had -15 minutes left. Then it looked like it started over and had 20 minutes left (positive not negative numbers). It counted down again to zero and finished what looked like normally and rebooted. When it was done, I ended up with Mountain Lion and have had no issues at all. It seems fine.
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    ..and i thought windows progress bars were bad
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    30 min.
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    Had the same experience here with an in-place upgrade..


    Strange, Did this same thing, but from USB drive,, couldn't boot.
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    Thanks guys for sharing your experiences. In a summary, some people got the same, some don't. Either way the OS installs nevertheless and everything runs smooth afterwards so no problem :)
  16. SR45, Jul 28, 2012
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    15 minutes for me from a 8 GB thumb drive, but I have 5400 rpm Hdd MacMini system, so perhaps those with SDD's will install faster, not positive...

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