OS X-native OpenOffice finally ships

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 13, 2008.

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    403 Forbidden

    Right now openoffice.org is giving me "403 Forbidden" access. Anyone know why?
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    I'm experiencing the same problem. They're probably working on some back-end stuff.
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    Site is overloaded with lots of people trying to download. But if you just wanted to download, hit one of the openoffice.org mirror sites (google or use this link ).
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    I think I'll wait till the run is over :)
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    AMAZING! My ridiculously expensive Powermac G5, now totally tricked out, is no longer capable of simple word processing and office tasks?

    As an Apple user since 1983, I've seriously long since tired of Steve Jobs snake oil salesman tricks to force Mac users to throw away a completely fast & powerful Mac on a whim or what people in the computer industry probably joke about as "strategically planned obsolescence"

    Obviously the PC switchers are happy with this OpenOffice news, but the people that have long since kept Apple in business against all odds over the decades are not so happy after spending $3000+ just a few years ago for a GIANT ALUMINUM BRICK! :mad:
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    Please explain how the release of Open Office 3 stops any and all alternate word processing applications from functioning.
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    Re: no OOO/PPC

    I'm guessing here, but since the source code would be available -- isn't it possible that someone(s) would step up and port it to PPC?
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    A commenter on TFA said that it does work on PPC. Can anyone confirm?
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    How exactly is it Steve Job's fault if OpenOffice don't release their software as a Universal Binary? Apple have put everything in place to allow third parties to easily develop software that works on both Intel and PPC, and for the most part developers have been making use of this.

    I guess my point is, if you want to complain, complain to OpenOffice.org, its their fault, not Apple's. The Intel transition was necessary and successful.
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    Interesting how you're happy to stay with a computer with a few years on it, but demand the absolute latest free word processor. :confused:

    Anyway, until such time as you join the majority of the other long-term Apple users and migrate to Intel there's always NeoOffice, a Oo3-level version of which will be out in a few months if previous release cycles are anything to go by.

    I should also point out that Sun are the sponsors of the OpenOffice project, not Apple. Oh and calm down. You've not actually lost anything today.
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    The RCs ran on PPC Macs, IIRC. But there's no PPC build marked as stable yet:


    Maybe the PC build hasn't passed QA and will be oficially released later?

    NeoOffice 2.2.5 still runs on PowerPC Macs (including Panther), and already has Office 2007 import (+ export) filters and the optimization solver. Also, NeoOffice 3.0 will run on 10.4 and 10.5, PPC and Intel.
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    PPC is dead. Get over it. Also, should i cry, because my Mac mini wont support Snow Leopard? :eek:
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    Got it and am fairly impressed - seems quite fast and clean. Unfortunately it doesn't save in MS Office 2007 XML (.docx etc) but it opens them fine. Deleted iWork and sticking with this now.
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    I think that this is good news for the Mac community.

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    It has? My god - how did you even write that post?

    I've already helped you out by feeding back to Apple and demanding that they stop improving their products It's inexcusable!


    I happen to collect giant aluminum bricks. PM me for an address where you can send yours.
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    I have yet to run into anyone that uses the new .docx format. Do you run across those types of files regularly?
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    Loads of people I work with send .docx files to me (and .xlsx). That said where I work has some licensing agreement where everyone can get Office "for free" by downloading it off a website, so more people have migrated to Office 2007/8 than probably in an average office.
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    Not too often, but from time to time. Now that people are buying Office 2007 for Windows which uses the format by default, at least I know I can open such files if they're sent to me and I imagine the use will grow over time.

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    Analog Kid

    Agreed. What the heck are they doing that they can't do a universal build?

    Maybe it's insufficient test resources-- if that's the case, then a tricked out G5 running beta code might be just what the doctor ordered.
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    I'll gladly take it off your hands.

    Processor architecture transitions don't happen very often. Apple's done the right thing by dropping PPC macs - look at what legacy code does to Windows!
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    well, after a day of tiresome ups and downs I finally got it (I guess thats mainly due to it being slashdotted early and load humping their apache's).

    Looks nice and clean, and excel sheets load faster and look better than in Office 2008 (maybe Ill sell that now, butI do still like Entourage).

    Lets see how the apps hold up over the next few days....
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    Yo. If only because my school uses Office 2007.
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    I was beginning to think the day would never come. I hate X11!
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    I started downloading about 2 hours ago and it now says 7.5 hours. Oh well, maybe by tomorrow...

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