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Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by pederg, Oct 19, 2007.

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    On the specification for server 10.5 it says:

    so i won't be able to run it on a high end Aluminium powerbook i have lying around at home? Would it tell me it can't if i tried?

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    One "CAN" run it, however you will need to do a little "tweaking" to the installer, or install in Target Disk mode to get it to run.

    After it is installed, there are none of those checks to see which hardware it is on.

    The idea is to limit it from running on a system that would not provide a very good experience. This time around, Leopard will not install on any computer that is not Quartz Extreme enabled.

    So, you get the OS without the pretty stuff... just like you had with Tiger.
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    thanks for that, but what is the limitation on it being a laptop and not a desktop? How would the performance be affected if all internal specifications are above requirements?

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    The answer about the "desktop" limitation is, I believe, the same. The OS almost certainly CAN run on a laptop (I seriously doubt the server flavor omits the drivers for PBs, otherwise it wouldn't run on a Mini or iMac, which are largely the same internally), but it's not supported since Apple didn't intend the laptop hardware to be used that way.

    Of course, the iMac and Mini weren't really intended to be used that way, either.

    I doubt it even bothers doing a machine ID check to make sure it's not being installed on a laptop, but in the event it DOES, I expect you can override it the same way as with the processor speed limitation.
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    Thanks for the help guys.. much appreciated..

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