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OS X the preferred platform of Alpha Geeks: more evidence

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by lmalave, May 9, 2003.

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    Count Java creator James Gosling among the converted:

    “I do most of my engineering on my PowerBook,” James Gosling states flatly. “I find it dramatically more efficient than a desktop system because, on one hand, it has all the power of a full-blown UNIX desktop. On the other hand, I can take it with me because it has all of the laptop stuff. I can work on a airplane, at home, in a corner when I’m sitting in a boring meeting. And it’s able to do not just email and browsing, it’s got fully-functional, high-end software development tools.”

    Gosling and his development team, he says, “almost all have PowerBooks. It’s amazing how many of them are showing up these days. They’ve been really popular at work. A certain amount of their appeal is little things. I do a lot of public speaking and the PowerBook automatically does the right stuff when I plug it into a projector. Also the PowerBook is the first machine that I’ve seen where the lid mechanism on the laptop actually works. You can close the lid and open it again and it’s still running. Seems like a small thing, but it truly works.”
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    -Woo Hoo!

    Now maybe we can get a faster runtime.

    Correction: Really faster runtime.
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    X rules, Apple rules, Steves rules
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    And Java Rules!!!
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    what about ppc ?
    ppc rulz :)
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    i hope the 970 rules!:cool:
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    yeah okay, everything rules...

    Now maybe they can make everything java not suck?

    In windows java takes no time to load, but for a java built app in safari a good 3-5 sec...
    bad bad bad...
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    The 970 is PPC.
    And yes it will rule....
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    I don't know, I run Cold Fusion on J2ee on my pismo 400 g3. it takes awhile to start the servers up, but then it works fine.
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    On web pages, it loads and loads and loads...

    And ofcoarse right after I give up and close the page the java applet loads.
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    Queensberry Rules :p

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