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OSX Lion - One week in...

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by nefan65, Jul 29, 2011.

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    Well, have had Lion installed since it's release. Although I do like the changes, and enhancements, I'm also pretty disappointed in the following:

    • Instability when using shared folders on a Windows Network. After coming out of sleep, the folders are unavailable, and Finder becomes unresponsive.
    • Various interface quirks, and refreshes. While using Safari, Mail, iCal, and sometimes Finder odd lines appear here/there when moving.
    • Spinning Beachball at random times, for no reason.
    • Unresponsive at times, especially when using Mission Control.
    • Sound icon on Menu bar is always grayed out after a reboot. Only fix is to put in headphones, and take them out.

    There's a few other oddities here/there, but not worth mentioning. Like I said, I DO like Lion. However, I am a little disappointed with the overall quality of it.
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    For me it was

    General unresponsiveness
    My display would not sleep, this was the reason I removed it and got refunded.
    Unable to use vnc to control the desktop.
    My 3tb external drive would mount only when it felt like it, fine with two other computer and fine with sl.

    I'm not sure lion even brings anything to the table in terms of USEFUL functionality.
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    That was to be expected when they listed the App Store as a major new feature. :rolleyes:
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    It removed most of my business needs of basic everyday reqired tasks and functionality.

    Hate it in it's current form. This btw has nothing to do with the changes to the UI as a whole, but strictly the lack of functionality of the main components of the OS. IMAP is completely broken for one.

    Someday I will have to go back, but today or this weekend I need to go down to SL.
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    The greatly increased security alone is worth the $30. Lion uses application sandboxing, which is a major improvement. Ars Technica has a good explanation of how it works in their Lion review here:


    As for any instability... it's .0 release. Wait until we hit 10.7.2, and I'm sure most of these issues will be remedied.
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    It just seems half baked from my point of view.

    Mac os x lion, it's buggy as hell and your mileage may vary, other than that, it just works.
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    Boo The Hamster

    First week for me was :

    Thu - Install Lion.
    Fri - Try to change things back to the way I prefer.
    Sat - Look at the other features to see if there's anything useful (to me).
    Sun - Wipe HD and reinstall Snow Leopard.
    Mon - Be thankful that I took backups.
    Tue - Resolve to try 'before I buy' for future OS changes.
    Wed - Watch Anti / Pro Lion campaigners get in a tizz on the interweb.

    *Flame retardant disclaimer*
    Lion (in its current form) isn't for me. Not knocking those people who like it in any way, shape or form.
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    On the other hand, having lion burn out my LCD in two months isn't.

    I have read the anadtech review, I agree with the fact that the enhanced security is a bonus but what I meant by my post was useful functionality you can interact with, make your computing experience easier etc.

    The enhanced security isn't worth much on a computer that's running an operating system you just get annoyed with/freezing as well as the multitude of other problems people are experiencing.
  9. kdfukuyama, Jul 29, 2011
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    Almost the same as I did. Only 'Wipe HD and reinstall Snow Leopard' was on Tuesday instad of Sunday. ;)

    Waiting for updates and good reports to reinstall Lion again :p
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    Somehow I doubt Lion was responsible for an LCD failure. :rolleyes:
  11. andyroochoo, Jul 29, 2011
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    Who said that lion killed my LCD? I didn't.

    I think you mis understood my post. Lion was not allowing the backlight on the LCD to switch off, since I keep my MacBook powered on most of the time, this will cause the panel fail a lot quicker as it's on all the time.

    Mac os x itself warns you that not allowing the display to sleep will shorten it's life.

    Make sense to you now?
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    Yes, it does, but your wording could be taken either way. None the less, no doubt a .0 is going to have bugs but I've had surprisingly good luck between my 2009 MBP, 2010 iMac, and 2011 MBP.
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    I haven't written lion off completely. I can wait :)
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    For myself, Lion has been pretty good (clean install). I believe it's due to the fact that I just recently purchased my first Mac (MBP, PC user my whole life). I figured I would update to Lion sooner rather than later to get better acclimated to the Lion way of doing things instead of Snow Leopard. So far so good, knock on wood.
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    For starters, Lion didn't burn your LCD in two months, since its only been out a week...if you are speculating based on some screen saver issue your having...hmm, here's an idea....just set a sleep time....running a screen saver 24/7 will burn your monitor faster than anything! BTW, screen savers were made for CRT displays....permanent burn-in doesn't happen on modern displays.

    I have experienced precisely 0 problems with Lion...maybe you need to upgrade you're computer to reflect modern specs?
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    wanna know something super cool about apple, that NO other company can claim...if their OS did cause your screen to stop working...THEY WOULD REPLACE YOUR MACBOOK!!! Even out of warranty...yeah their that good....god quit complaining.
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    Still enjoying Lion on both my machines (iMac, MBA). I've had a couple of issues with Safari freezing, but aside from that, really like the new stuff in Lion.
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    I've had some minor issues here and there, but my main concern is the following:

    • OS X Lion is crap!
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    any idea how I can get Lion to break my screen, my 4 year old MacBook is getting a bit old now :D
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    I just got my mighty mouse replaced for the second time (covered) for the scroll ball problem.

    I'm hoping the CPU will go out before the warranty expires to I can get a new tower...but its doubtful since they seem to last forever! LOL.
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    Honestly, after a week of Lion on my long-in-the-tooth MBP, I have no major complaints. The only thing that that's bugged me is something incredibly small & stupid, admittedly: the mail app dock badge looks like crap; pixelated.

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