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osx not booting on pb

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Gokhan, Feb 27, 2005.

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    hi all

    I am trying to help a freind so bear with me !

    right he has a alu powerbook g4 15 inch i think , his been trying to install osx from a cd that came with his 17inch pb but he cant even boot from this cd !

    so we hooked it up in target disk mode with a g5 and installed osx 10.3 from the cd that came with his prev 17 inch pb.

    when we now boot up his 15 inch pb it starts booting and there is a bar where the apple logo whould be and the background is dark grey this is as far as we get !!!

    any ideas ? is this a hardware issue or software

    i was thinking of cloning my hd with ccc in target disk mode and seeing what happens !!!!

    any help would be very kind !!!
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    Sun Baked

    It has to be a copy of the OS X that is at least as new as the machine, you probably would NOT be able to boot a machine off a CD/DVD from the previous revision machine.
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    ok 2

    thought so will try updating to 10.3.8 via target disk mode
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    There's you problem right there. Stop trying to pirate software.
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    how exactly is it pirating if he was the one who purchased the system software...?
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    Duff-Man says....this subject seems to come up at least once a week. If you read the license agreement for OS X, it clearly states that it is a *single computer* license, which means you can only install it on one computer. In addition, the restore/install diskd that Apple shoips with each computer are meant only for install on the *computer that they shipped with* - just because you may own a second computer it does not mean you are automatically licensed to install software on both.....oh yeah!
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    I'm not suprised that the CD from a 17 PB is not booting a 15" AL. Like Duff-Man said, the CD's that ship with a Mac are designed to work only with that model. You can't use the CD's from one model to install on a different model, OS X will not boot, no matter how much you update it, the basic system does not work and updating will not help. The only way to get 10.3 on your friends machine is to go out and buy a retail version of the OS that is designed to work on any OS X capable machine.
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    so using a disc that i paid for that came with a prev machine on a machine with no os is pirateting !!!!!

    well i am a student so a 130$ in the uk is not the best way to spend my grant !!!!!!!
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    The 17" CD doesn't have all the right information for the 15" PowerBook. Another strike against it working is that it is for the previous generation. That's going to hurt a bit. If it was a Rev. B PowerBook (15") and a Rev. D 17" PowerBook it may work, but I wouldn't be so sure.

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