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Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 10, 2003.

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    That's it? lol
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    That was funny. I wasn't expecting that.
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    Good one.

    Instead of the usual 'I'm a bored kid and I'm gonna baaaaaashhshhhs... eh... YOU stuff'.

    Good laugh.
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    I like what happens when you click on that secret area on the screen. Very clever.
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    Damn. Just got "Red Screened" at work following that link. It's a banned tasteless site!
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    Mr. Anderson

    Nice try ;) View source and you'll see there's nothing else there. But you did make me go look at the code.....

    Cool site.

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    that was the biggest ****ing waste of time, i think anybody has ever paid for. at least give us a little gif or flash animation to humor us. jeez.
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    well worth the click! thanx to whoever submitted that...
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    that was a god laugh. i thought it would be some pointless discussion about windows XP and loghorn coming in a decadfe or two.
    lol. :p
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    uhm... i'd vote for 'waste of money on a domain name'.
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    Okay, you caught me. But I still gotcha!
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    Hilarious... The person most likely could also just be using as a server to hold files or something...
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    haha, thats pretty good almost as good as f***apple.com go there and youll like it even more
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    Very interesting, very deep, I will have to ponder this for years, it's like some of Ghandi's messages, only different.
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    yeah, I checked it out yesterday when I saw it in some guy's signature.

    Very Cool.

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    I like what is on osxsucks.com currently than if a Mac Hater made it....

    Very Funny!
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    Didn't get me. I looked at the source to begin with.

    :cool: BaghdadBob > Neo ;)

    Yeah, someone's got money to waste on a domain name. But I can just imagine the bored PC user typing random stuff and coming up with this..."Wha? Umm...yes it does! Where are the links? This site sucks. Stupid macheads....."

    Kinda like diediedie.com, except that has content...some content...
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    its not like a domain name costs that much. 30/year is about average.
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    Nice, hehe

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    Come to think of it, is this tazo's page??

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