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Discussion in 'Community' started by EGT, Jul 30, 2004.

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    Hey there

    I was wondering what other sites you guys and girls vist to check up with current mac events etc? I've only ever checked here because of the brilliant forums. In fact, I don't think i've left the place since i got here!!! :eek:

    I call in to the ipodlounge every now and again, too.
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    This is pretty much the only I check out, except for the links from here to other mac sites for specific stories. If you're looking for other sites, though, you'll find quite a few in the leads for MacBytes and a lot of up-and-coming stuff (which may be wildly successful or fall flat) in Mac Scene.
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    I spend most of my time here, but other good/interesting sites relating to Apple are:

    As the Apple Turns...

    ok, can't think of any more I go to...anyone?
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    www.macbytes.com - news
    www.appleturns.com - funny and current
    www.macminute.com - regurgitated press releases, but some useful news
    www.maccentral.com - cousin of MacWorld magazine and the pathetic remnant of MacWeek magazine
    www.thinksecret.com - rumors like here, but updated less often
    www.appleinsider.com again, more rumors
    www.macupdate.com software updates
    www.macfixit.com troubleshooting forums, usually very helpful
    www.insidemacgames.com - mac game web site

    That ought to keep you busy for a while.

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    Duff-Man says....I make MacSurfer my home page as it has easy links to all the major mac news sites and frequent updates to all the major stories of the day...oh yeah!
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    There are other Mac sites?!?!?!
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    Apparently, there are!

    *hides in the little nook he has set up for himself here at MR*

    I never enjoyed sunlight, anyway.

    Macaddict.com was the first Mac board I signed onto, and is where I first went to find more info when I first wanted to switch. Ugly website, and the board wasn't very good. MR is the second place I went to. I joined a year before I actually got my Mac. Instead of leaving once I got my PB, I decided to stick around........ forever :eek:
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    Once you get here you can't get out! ahhhhhhhh!!

    Thanks very much guys. Some good sites there, but i think MacRumors is one of the best. :)
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    I hang out at:

    applenova.com(thinksecrets new message board)

    of course here


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