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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by pdhahn, Aug 8, 2010.

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    Does anyone have any experience with the screen protectors that come with the Otterbox ipad cases? I just received my case and I'm a little nervous about putting the included screen protector on because I haven't heard anything about the quality.

    If I put it on and don't like it, how hard is the average SP to take off?
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    It's just the standard static cling screen shield. Quality is decent, it's crystal clear. It's a dry install so removing is a breeze.
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    Sounds like it's worth a try. I'd rather have some protection than none at all, and for right now I don't feel like springing the cash for an anti-glare or anything.
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    The quality seems very good to me. I had doubts before too because some people wanted other screen protectors other than the one that came with otterbox but im actually happy with it.
    Its a little matte and a little fingerprint proof and its very clear when using the ipad.
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    Can the screen protector be installed wet? I feel it's 100 times easier to do wet installs on sp's but don't want to ruin it.

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