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Ouch. Halo Demo on a MB.

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Myth, Apr 30, 2007.

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    So I downloaded the demo of Halo to test out on my new MB, 160 gb hard drive, 2 gb ram, and I was a bit surprised to see it suck so badly.

    Even on the lowest settings it was very choppy. Nothing else was running, either. Is this a demo-specific or OS X specific problem?
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    Really? I run the full version on my Mini(see signiture for specs (same graphics card)) but with only 512 MB RAM, often acompined by iTunes. And it runs great.

    Sounds like a bad installation, or theremight be something up with you MacBook.

    ...I'm going to wait for more experianced people to suggest a fix, because if I do, I know I'll screw it up :eek:
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    yea it runs great on mine as well and i have a 2ghz cd and 1.5gigs for my macbook

    you sure you are using the UB version?
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    I have every single setting on Full on my loaded imac and it runs great. Well, all settings except lens flare on High instead of Extreme. I do get all the fancy 9x AA though :) Perhaps you arent using the UB verison.
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    You have a PowerPC-only version of Halo. I do not know if there is a UB demo of Halo.
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    Nope. The full version has a UB but you have to pay $5 for it. It was just updated last week, too, so it works better. The UB was pretty slow on PPC compared to the PPC-only version, but the new patch probably brings the UB PPC performance back up to normal levels. And the lens flare slow-down is apparently fixed...again.

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    hmm it runs decent on my G3 iBook. What are your guys names on the demo version? Maybe we can have 133t pwnage fest ;)
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    Wait, it runs well on your iBook? I was contemplating putting it on mine (same specs)

    Does it jump a lot or stuff? I just assumed it couldn't run it...:eek:
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    Your cassie from M-F right? Im rollershoer4mac! I made your sig banner thingy. Anyways, yes it runs decent on my ibook, with all settings low and running it in a window. Its a little laggy at times but thats my internet connections fault ;) Im running 10.3.9 though if it makes a difference.
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    Why, yes, I am Cassifire on M-F. Sorry I didn't recignize you there, I just browse MR more then MF so I know the members here better.:):eek: Thanks for the banner!

    That's nice to know that it can run, but I'm running 10.4.8, so It'll probably be even slower.:) Oh well, I'll try it anyway.:apple:
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    haha well good luck. I never said it ran slow on my ibook, just make sure the settings are to low and your not in full screen.
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    Your iBook has a PowerPC processor.
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    How did you do this? I tried running Halo on my G4 mini and it was such a horrible experience!
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    weird cause my friend just got a new macbook with 1gb ram and we were playing LAN fine
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    Your definition of playable differs from these people.

    Running Halo on an iMac G4 with everything turned down was a slideshow averaging about 10-15 FPS. Running the original non-UB version on my iMac Core Duo was still a slideshow but at least looked better. A Mac Mini or iBook G3 is not going to get 30 FPS. Even a MacBook running the retail UB version might be iffy. And there's no way the demo can run at 30 FPS if my iMac Core Duo couldn't handle it.

    I don't find Halo "playable" unless you are getting a steady 30 FPS at the beginning of Silent Cartographer. My MacBook Pro can only keep the frames a steady 30 FPS at 1024 x 768 with everything else turned up. The game is beautiful at higher resolutions, but it's too choppy to be enjoyable.
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    Haa i turned all the settings to low and ran it in a window, it gets laggy sometimes when people are being shee noobs=]:apple:
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    Your guys expectations are way to high for a game. I dont care if its choppy at times or its not running 30fps, its still enjoyable.
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    Did you even read the thread?

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