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Ouch. Watch out for busses.

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by slapguts, Nov 27, 2009.

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    I don't see the point. This is what could potentially happen to anything aluminum when it is hit by a bus.
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    You're right. Had it been an aluminum hubcap that had been hit by a bus, I would have posted it on a hubcap forum.
  4. RKO
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    Anyways, was this your own MBA?
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    Wow, that sucks. Were you the one being hit by the bus or were you driving it?

    I'd take it into a Genius just to see the look on his face and tell him it won't power on for some reason, but you can't figure it out. Then pull it out.

    Ah, I see now that wasn't your MBA.
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    Can you give the URL to one of those hubcap forums? I've been looking for ages. Thanks.
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    Strange enough, it does still power on. Wonder if it would still work with an external monitor...


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    What the hell specifically happened?
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    That was a rather rude reply, I think.

    I would even feel more sympathetic for you had you explained the story of how it happened.

    I do think it's interesting to know what happens to an MBA when it gets hit by a bus, and it seems really obvious and relevant to post it here ON A MAC SITE IN AN MBA SECTION. Don't get down as some posters just aren't thinking before bashing. I really feel ticked when someone writes to "move along" after I post something, so I know how you feel. Best to just let it go.

    Thanks for sharing the photos... hope to hear the story...

    For your next post, or to anyone out there, how about a poll to select what caused any damage... then show the photos and give all of the specifics of what still works. Would be cool to learn what percentage would get it right.

    That would make for a great post! I hope this wasn't your MBA!
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    Jesus Christ guys, just enjoy the pictures and have a sense of (black) humor. The poster provided a link to the original story and I am sure Google translate can help decipher that.

    Anyway, amazing that this thing still boots up!
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    No kidding...lighten up a bit!
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    I'd love to see you in the same potential situation. ;)
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    Geez guys, just enjoy the topic without criticizing the OP. It's an interesting photo. Don't think so? Don't care! Don't post. No one is asking you.

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