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Out of country App Store purchase

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by anfield11, Dec 28, 2012.

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    I'm in Canada and would like to be able to purchase apps from the UK store. In particular BBC iPlayer and the Sky app. I am able to activate a VPN connection. can anyone help? Cheers
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    You would have to register an apple ID with a credit card billing address in the UK.
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    Jessica Lares

    Both those apps wouldn't work FYI. Otherwise, like the other guy says, you only need a gift card/credit card. No proxy/etc is needed.
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    That sucks! :)
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    I needed to use a proxy when I set up my American account.
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    Jessica Lares

    Really? I didn't have to do that to get my UK account...
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    How long ago did you do it? I only set up my US account a few months ago. Maybe they've tightened up since you did it.
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    Jessica Lares

    Probably so. It was back in 2008.
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    Sky app

    I tried to use my Sky app in Spain this summer (to catch up on some Sky channels) and it wouldnt let me as it knew i was outside the UK.
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    I'm neither great nor dumb at this stuff, but I think a VPN service gets you around that issue.

    My issue is the opposite as I have a UK VPN, but to watch Sky need the Sky App and preferably a BBC iPlayer UK version from the UK App Store. That's what I need to figure out how to get.

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