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Out with the old, in with the new

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by iMacZealot, Feb 5, 2008.

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    I recently got an HV20, my first HD camcorder, and I'm thrilled with it. Now, I just need to upgrade some of my equipment.

    And by that, I mean the monitor I use with it in my makeshift studio. Before my HD conversion, I used to use one of four 13" CRT TV's I could find in my basement from my siblings' old dorms. I've tried my HV20 with only one of them, but when I did, it stretched the top and bottom of it, which is something I absolutely cannot work with, and I assume that the others (which are slightly newer than the one I used) would do the same.

    So, I was thinking of getting a 10" portable DVD player. I'd love the portability when I am out in the field. A portable one also gives me the opportunity to place it closer to the presenter while in the studio. However, what brand do you recommend? I had a cheapo one before with a terrible resolution that broke in less than three years.

    Also, what sort of component out cable do I need? Should I just use the regular red/white/yellow AV cables I have, or these mysterious red/green/blue ones sitting in cellophane? Can I get one that's several feet long?

    Oh, and I was wondering if I could somehow incorporate these old CRTs into my set and somehow broadcast graphics to them over a low frequency channel. Is this asking too much?

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    a dual monitor setup for your computer would be just as good/probably better as a client monitor than a dinky 10" screen. It sounds like your budget is pretty tight. Do you really NEED a client monitor?
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    It's certainly helpful. It'd be even moreso when I'm filming music venues and other stuff when it's hard to see what's 40-300 feet away through the viewfinder, for example.

    I can't really do a dual monitor setup on my computers because the main computer I edit my studio work with is two floors away and only supports mirroring anyway; likewise for my computer in my studio. I'm also saving for a MacBook Pro, which I won't get until the summer at the earliest.

    I suppose I could just get a 15" television for just a little more than a DVD player, but it'd be nice to have something portable. Can you suggest anything better?
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    Get the DVD Player (if it has inputs) so you can use it in the field. I don't really see it useful for a client monitor, though. Personally, I'd say save the $100 or so and add that to your savings for the MBP. Then you could combing the laptop and something like DV Monitor to make the MBP into your field monitor.
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    Why couldn't I just do a Log and Capture Now?

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