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Outkast sucks.

Discussion in 'Music Discussion' started by coopdog, Dec 17, 2003.

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    Everyone is freaking out around here about the song "hey ya" and others by Outkast. THEY SUCK. I have heard people call them revolutionary, why? Because they wear green jocky outfits? I saw them on MTV once an I thought it was a joke. Oh that's right, they are.
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    Outkast likes you.
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    I think they are quite original actually, in the way they approach recording and production of their songs. They don't give you same old shmaltz in their songs. They experiment with different genres too.

    Sure 'Hey Ya' is catchy, so what, does that make them bad? Well music is subjective so if you hate them - oh well.

    They are twenty times better then most hip hop acts I've heard in the past year. This is one fresh and catchy album that I've heard this year.
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    first of all, it would be great if you didn't set up your thread to be a flamefest. second of all, outkast (esp Andre3000) are amazing. Andre is just a genius, end of story. He is able to take the simplest of ideas, and turn them into the catchiest hooks. Maybe if you actually LISTENED to the new CD you would understand. Hey Ya! is ALL him. all the voices are him. all the production, all the composition, everything. the man is just a genius. he is among the elite when it comes to the artists pioneering the next generation of music.
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    He played all the instruments too didn't he?

    I like Andre and Norah Jones song too. Seems like an odd combination, but it totally works. Aural seducation. I totally agree with what you've said sparkleytone.

    But in the end, its all subjective. But we should have respect for people's talents, and give credit where credit is due. And Andre deserves that credit.
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    OutKast is quite spectacular, actually. "Aquemini" is by far their best album, and "Rosa Parks" is one of the most wonderfully delightful pop songs of the 90's. Your disdain for them seems to stem from the fact that they've been incredibly popular lately, rather than being an actual critique of their music.
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    coopdog- BOOOOO - I don't think you'll find much support for that statement. They're a great band
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    Listening to the current state of rap/hip-hop, Outkast is so refreshing.
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    Yeah I have the new 2 CD set. So yes I have LISTENED to all of the songs on there.

    "Hey Ya! is ALL him. all the voices are him. " He does a great job of a female voice! Man sounds just like a woman, I have new respect for Andre. :eek:

    Just read the lyrics! It's as bad as milkshake by kelis.
    The lyrics in Hey Ya! Are no where near genius, even stoned freestyling level.
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    Yes I like Rosa Parks and their old stuff, But not their new crap. No, I have heard all their new songs and I don't like them! Yes that's what makes me angry, I don't like their new tracks, they are all over the radio and people play them everywhere and claim that they are revolutionary. IHO to be revolutionary, it's the lyrics not the beat. Anyone can make a beat. Spend 30 min in Reason. One, I don't like their style. Two, their most popular song "Hay Ya!" the lyrics are horible. I have heard two people say that the Hay Ya song is revolutionary. Why?! Sounds like all the other pop/rap crap out there not to mention all the heeeeeeeeeyyyyy Yaaaaaas.
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    Actually, "Hey Ya" is one of the only 3 Hip-Hop songs i like ...
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    To each his own. I personally think that OutKast is awesome. They are one of my favorite rap groups of all time. Very inventive, flawless production, and they speak with a soul and perspective that is lacking in today's hip-hop. They're not indiscriminately screaming on a beat liek some of the other people out there now
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    i second that

    if you dont get why the song is as ground breaking as some people think it is doesnt mean it isnt. lots of people love the song, you dont, there really isnt anything wrong with that, and it doesnt mean anything about the accomplishments of the song in general.

    i think the song is up there with the best of them. however, if hating popular things makes you feel really cool, then be my guest.
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    [Scem0's view on Outkast]They are a very original band. But they suck. The rapping part of the music is unoriginal and very old. I am quite frankly sick of all rap music/hip-hop other than Missy Elliot.

    Hey Ya is an annoying song with a more annoying chorus.

    I like the way you move (is that the name of the song?) is a boring song with unoriginal sounding verses

    I do like how their music videos aren't like every other rap video. Only 50% like other rap videos. And when I say 'other rap videos' I mean videos featuring women in the least clothing possible to keep the video legal. That gets old. I wish music video directors would realizes that barely clothed women should be reserved for porn :eek:. (By the way, this is one of the many reasons I love missy elliot. She has original, awesome-looking videos).

    They have a semi-interesting sound to most of their songs, but overall I think most of their stuff is annoying.[/scem0's view on Outkast]

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    think before you speak. i am a man that can sing way higher than that. also, just because the lyrics aren't deep doesn't mean that the artist sucks. simplicity itself can be genius. mozart isn't complex by any means. but it for damn sure is genius. if you don't like it fine, but its pretty obvious that its credible and is receiving its due.

    This is something that I made on a whim on my eMac to demonstrate what a countertenor is. Just because we are male doesn't mean we are limited to the 'accepted' male singing range.
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    um, no...

    basing your opinion of a band totally on the sound of one song, especially one that is pop enough to appeal to the masses (who are generally stupid, i know, i work in retail) is not a sure-fire method to determine which bands suck. Outkast is very talented, while Hey Ya might not grab your bag, maybe Bombs Over Baghdad will.

    i thought that Dig was a horrible song by Mudvayne, but i liked all their other songs, and they are my favorite band... go figure, their radio single was a turn off...
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    Yes, Bombs Over Baghdad is a good song. If you are looking for deep lyrics in rap/hiphop get some Nas songs, "Get Down" or others off any of his CD's. Or Mr. Lif, KRS-One, Jedi Mind Tricks, Wu-Tang, GZA, Genius, Camp Lo, are all really good rap groups. Most of them have good lyrics too, and most of them make their own beats too.
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    dear thread starter dude,

    you are silly. Outkast is just about the ONLY group you'll see on MTV or hear on the radio that is actually doing something unique. and they are insanely talented to boot. all the music on their records in played and recorded by live musicians, written by the 2 dudes you hate. just because it doesn't hit you over the head with obvious slang and stoopid inuendo, backed by computer treated beats and vocals doesn't mean it ain't good. they have a lot to say, and they do it in a very clever way. maybe you just don't understand. name one other act that could A: bridge the gap bewteen rock and rap (and if you bring up Limp Bizkit or Korn you're even sillier than i thought). and B: appeal to the masses because of sick hooks and music, as well as the people who are into the underground stuff because of their smart lyrics and clever delivery. Outkast is MUSIC. maybe you should grab up the next Incubus or Justin Timberlake record, it's all the same $h!t anyway.
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    The same can be said for Michael Jackson, but his latest records haven't been too good, now have they?

    Okay, I can respect someone liking Outkast. But personally I don't like them. All you pro-Outkast people need to respect coopdog, and any non-pro-Outkast, people's views. Not everyone has the same music tastes.

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    Ya but you have to consider that when you post

    "outcast sucks" and in your post you provide no criticism but only cynicism your going to get backlash

    you scem0 provided an argument, coopdog didn't start really saying what he's basing his opinion on until his third post.

    With that said ... i almost never listen to lyrics in songs ... for me the melody/beat has to stand alone.
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    i know, you're totally right. i just get bummed when people diss things that i see as cool:p seriously though, i just hate pop music, not because it's pop, because it sucks. ok rephrase, i just think i dig what Outkast has to say. i just get little excited about music talk.
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    Outkast sucks.

    No, they don't. I disagree. Your opinion sucks.

    Outkast still sucks.

    No, they don't!

    Yo, they do.











    My 8 ball says no, so I guess Outkast does not suck.

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