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OVER 40 POWERBOOK 800's ON EBAY FOR $1500.00?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by ELYXR, Jan 18, 2003.

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    I asked the seller why he was selling so many and here was his response...

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    I've been a PowerSeller on eBay for a couple of years now. I've sold a few PowerBooks & iBooks as well as other items. I have purchased at least 2 PowerBooks off eBay.

    I would pass on this auction.

    The seller has an excellent and substantial feedback but I got burned last Spring to th tune of $1600 when I bid on a new iMac. The seller had a large volume of excellent feedback. Luckilly, my CC company removed the charge. eBay has already warned users about seller's ID's being "hijacked" and It's also possible to build up a false history by using multiple accounts.

    For protection, I always use a CC. I doubt if the CC company would cover an international transaction. The seller in the auctions above doesn't specify how the payment is to be handled. eBay itself will not offer any protection.

    It'd be better to let a deal pass by and regret it that to lose your money over a bad deal. On a large transaction like this, the buyer (and seller) have the right to know everything about the other party. That includes; phone contacts, a verified address, employer or school, etc. Be careful out there - but don't stop using eBay - it can be a great place to shop.
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    Mmmmm...has there been anything in the news in the states about a lorry load of Apple kit being ripped off? :eek: All sounds fishy to me.
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    One more thing...

    Always ask for a pictue of the actual item. If it's a computer, have them take a picture of the computer along with the manuals, box, etc.

    In this case ask for a picture of the 40-50 PowerBook boxes all stacked up...

    I have had my photos stolen off my listings and used in other auctions but at least this gives you some more measure of security.
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    The more I think about it ...

    The more I think about it the more I totally think this is a scam...
    Did you see the location? Berlin, Germany. But it's listed in US dollars, instead of Euros... :confused:
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    I just sent the guy an email asserting that I will fly over and buy all 50 in person.

    I also asked for individual photos of all the UPC labels.

    His response to me should be a good indicator.

    If he's legit, I may actually fly over and buy them all (assuming enough are left to make it viable, after duties and such).
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    So you have $75,000 then (+ cost of flights)? Lucky man! Can you spare me one for free :D
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    I have a revolving line of business credit which I use for purchasing for clients. If this is a legit deal, and I feel there is profit (based on research I'm doing now), I'll schlep the flight (my girlfriend is in Germany at the moment anyway), see how many I can sell there, and schlep the rest home.

    I am laying about 20 to 1 that this is a bogus offer, as after duties and such, I could prolly make $5,000 off of this lot by wholesaling them, and $12,500 by selling them individually.

    It it looks too good to be true...
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    Look guys, I have some proves.

    Any Macintosh computer is at list 40% more expensive in Europe.

    Spain is a very rich country, it is one of the best countries in Europe, so, at that price those Powerbook will fly over there in a week.

    I'm telling you that because in Venezuela a Pismo still $1000!!!!! (a G3 500 powerbook), imagine a Ti at $800.

    I'm sure that guy is playing fool in the states, jus use common sense. With such good price, why he is selling something in the US where the market is better in Spain?

    Think about it.

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