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Overclock your Quicksilver G4 to 1Ghz

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Jul 23, 2001.

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    For those of you who don't mind mucking around with your brand new PowerMac, there is already a page which shows how to overclock your Quicksilver G4 to up to 1066mhz. The pictures show a successful overclock to 1ghz with benchmarks.

    It appears they upclocked a 867mhz model... it'll be interesting to see, if the dual 800's can easily be clocked upward.

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    Overclock iBook..

    I saw something on the same site about how to overclock an iMac and an iBook.. The question is, if you overclock the iBook, how can you keep the processor cool? Has anyone tried it? Is there room for a fan or a beefier heat sink?
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    Isnt it possible to use one of those thermal coolers on your processor that act like minny freezers.. if i remeber correctly at a drop to -20 degrees c they had improoved the mhz on a pc computer 300mhz. if you know if this will work on a mac, or is just completely dangerous let me know.
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    I've recently done lots of heatsink research. (I was going to build an Athlon 1.4 system that I intended to overclock, but just couldn't make myself leave the OS X platform, so I've got a dual-800 QS on the way (for a few more dollars...)) Anyway, in doing the Athlon research, I dug deep into heatsinks. This is the highest rated non-peltier (peltier = with cooling element, like a 'fridge) Athlon heatsink:

    ( The http://www.overclockers.com/articles394/ Thermalright SK-6 )

    And it does cool well. You can get some serious cooling with non-peltier heatsinks. Apple's sink on the new QS G4's looks quite impressive, size-wise. I believe they are going to use the same sink for the dual-800 as we see pictured for the 867 (all that aluminum + the fan (blowing out back) is more than you'd need for one 867 I'm sure)).

    My point, in short, I think that the provided heatsink would allow for some notable overclocking on the 867, but if you're overclocking two 800's or super-upclocking an 867 then you might also want to replace that rear-blowing fan with something quite powerful (I think that's what they do in the Japanese page guide above).


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    Overclocking my Dual 533

    On that same site he overclocked a 733. Do you think that the jumpers and such would be the same for a dual 533, or not? Does the dual chips have any effect on overclocking?

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    If would have a dual affect of the dual processors. IF you can find the site that would tell you have to overclock both.
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    anyone know where I can get some good benchmarking software? I'd like to see exactly how my computer sized up against others.

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    No again

    I've benchmarked my Powerbook once and I won't do it again. It just puts me on the mood of buying another computer.

    Deam capitalism. Do not benchmark your computers!!!
    Do not benchmark your computers!!!
    Do not benchmark your computers!!!
    Do not benchmark your computers!!!
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    Um... no

    Well if your Powerbook was that bad u should of overclocked it.

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