OWC 6G Drive and Ram Page Outs

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by catgo, Jun 25, 2012.

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    Planning on switching my 128GB ssd to a 180GB or 240GB OWC 6G drive. My Air has 4GB of Ram and it page outs are quite common when using aperture or several safari tabs + iTunes and Excel.

    I was wondering if due to the increase in read / write speeds of the OWC drive vs the stock drive (toshiba) will page outs be less noticeable?

    Anyone has switched to a OWC drive and seen a difference?

    Im contemplating buying a 2012 model just to get the 8GB´s of ram but if the OWC drive helps I would prefer this option.

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    You would likely notice a difference in going from a HDD to a SSD, but not nearly as much if going from one SSD to another. None of those options will be as fast as if you had more RAM, as both HDDs and SSDs are much slower than RAM. It really depends on how critical maximizing performance is to you.
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    Yeah that´s what I thought. I only use Aperture 2-3 times per month and that is when I usually have RAM related slow downs. I usually restart the Air and make sure not to open any programs while using it but still get upwards of 100,000 page outs in a 30 minute timeframe.

    When working on several safari tabs and iTunes it always goes down to 200-500MB free which brings me quite close to the stuttering and slowdowns. An extra 1GB of Ram would be great to have!

    Thanks for the input

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