CD ripping service now available

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 16, 2004.

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    If you can't put a music CD in your computers drive which auto. opens iTunes and then click import, I feel sorry for you.
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    Would be nice if they'd use a font that was even vaguely readable for their website as well...
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    I woulnd't send my ipod out for nothing
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    If you have the money to pay someone else to do something like that, I don't at ALL feel sorry for you :)

    It's a time-consuming task, no matter how easy--so having services to do it for you makes sense. I'd want it on my computer, of course, not just my iPod.
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    Is this site for real? It seems awesome! 1 buck a disc? .85 cents/disc with todays discount (username grand password open). Best of all you can order their "Rockin Protection Plan" which does in fact give you DVD's of your music. This seems cool, certainly saves time- :)
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    This service is for the rich, lazy or the computer illiterate :eek:
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    Nice way to shamelessly create a user name just so you could say how great your service is. Douche.
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    Well, this is the second service to offer something like this.

    A heck of a lot of money to just rip tracks. If you've got enough tracks where ripping them yourself is a major inconvenience (several hundred) then this service will end up costing more than the iPod itself.

    At least they will send you a DVD with the ripped tracks. But for an extra fee. And they don't say what this DVD's format is in. I assume it's something proprietary, since they tell you to mail it with your iPod back if you need an "emergency reload". If it was a data disc full of the AAC files, then you wouldn't need them - you'd just be able to drag them all into iTunes.

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