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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by dundonald, Feb 28, 2011.

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    Hi All

    Am going slightly insane trying to find a good page flipping software for the Mac from either swf or pdf. I need it to be able to read links, zoom with vector text and that I can host on my own site. SEO compatibility would be great.

    I have looked at online magazine.htm
    no links until you buy the $1299 version
    no links
    Pretty horrible interface. Can't change the serif page numbering

    Any ideas

    Many thanks
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    There is a tutorial around the web for doing this with Adobe Flex for free. Though all of these rely on Flash so no SEO at all.

    Next up is have a look for jQuery page flipper, i've seen a few effects built ether in the canvas or with jQuery and these are much more SEO friendly and also free if your willing to put in the work to follow the tutorials and documentation.
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    The flash=No SEO isn't as true anymore as long as it's built properly, google can index flash now; but you don't get the SEO value of h tags with flash.

    JQuery Page Turn:
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    Fixed that for you.;)
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