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Painted iPod?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by craigatkinson, Jul 4, 2006.

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    Anyone on here every try to paint a third generation iPod? I'm considering trying it myself if I can see some examples of others who have done it.
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    The only way you would catch me painting my iPod is if I had 3 of them.
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    I think there are places that you can send your ipods into to get painted check out there web sites maybe
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    Electro Funk

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    I have an ipod nano. I never use my third generation iPod. I've been thinking about selling it, but I doubt I could get enough out of it to make it worth it. So I thought it might be cool to paint it red or something. I don't know how good it would look though.

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    It looks like this place just colors brand new ones and sells you the ipod and the paint job. Is there anyplace that paints used ipods?

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    Nope, I believe you can send your iPod/Mac into Colorware PC and they will paint it.
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    Electro Funk

    that is correct... thay will order a new one and paint it for you, or you can send in one you already own and have it painted for a nominal fee...
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    Apparently "nominal" is a relative term. :)

    $64-84 US.
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    Short of paying $ or ruining th eipod , use electrical tape :p
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    a cheaper and safer alternative than spray painting an ipod....www.paintjazz.com
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    i love how permanent and removable are used in the same line.
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    ^ you won't catch me putting nail polish remover anywhere near my iPod...so I guess it's only removable if you want to melt the plastic too.
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    I do like some of those PaintJazz skins though. They look really nice.

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