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painting an ibook

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Mord, Nov 10, 2003.

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    Im gonna paint my (ibook 600) see-through blue soon any one know where i can get a see trough interior prefrably in the uk?
    as the magnesium alloy looks a bit weird against the blue please no posts saying I should not do it or there is no such thing as I have seen comercialy available ones used by ibook moders but they dont mention where they got them from

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    I don't know the sites to order the clear cases thru becaue i was under the impression many modders had used the original shell and removed the white paint from the inside. Also I'm almost sure your going to have to order the part online probably from somwhere out of the UK. Good luck with the mod, its cool to be creative. another small wussy addon would be www.macskinz.com maybe you could buy a clear cover from them and paint it ... just a suggestion
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    if you have an ibook 700 mhz or PRIOR to that, you can paint it ...

    take off the covers (front and back), solve the paint from INSIDE with alcohol, (takes a day), then paint.

    google for ibook hacks, i've got to run to work now, there are sites out there that show you how to do it. but they are with those modesl up to 700 mhz, 800 mhz and later are solid white so you can't solve the color away.
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    sorry obout the confusion but i mean the metal round the keyboard to be replaced with clear plastic the lid is easy and im half way there now.
    soak it in methalated spirit and the paint comes right off.
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    woah are you serious about 800mhz iBooks?
    cause i got one 800, and it looks like the paint is chipping off on the inside...the battery and the top case too
    and i'm planning on how i should paint it since the warranty just ran out...

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