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Palm and Apple

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by triton, Jun 22, 2004.

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    I read somewhere on these boards that palm is discontinuing support for OS X. Does anyone know this to be true?
    :confused: :(
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    It's true. Look around PalmSource for more details.


    Palm spun off software division (PalmSource) into a seperate software company (PalmSource.)

    Hardware division (Palm) merged with HandSpring to form palmOne.
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    Actually, I did some research and found out it's not true. OS X will continue to be supported by Palm. Yay! :D
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    Cool, show us your findings then.
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    Where did you hear this? Palm has stated flat out that Cobalt will not ship with a version of Palm Desktop for OS X. There will continue to be 3rd party software but there won't be any out of the box support for OS X.
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    Where did you hear that Palm stated flat out that they will not longer support OS X? Show me your links..... ;)
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    Theres another one for you... :)
  8. 7on
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    I hope they go with a 3rd Party manufacture. Mainly because Palm Desktop is the Devil. Oh well.

    What I want from my Palm is the ability to sync my Address book right.

    I want the picture to sync and more importantly I want the address groups to sync.

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