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Panther and VCDs

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) Discussion' started by unage85, Oct 26, 2003.

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    One of the features listed on the Apple site was thata QuickTime could play VCDs. I just wanted to ask if anyone can test this before I go out and buy Panther. Um, there are 2 types of VCDs. I'm thinking Panther might only play the normal ones because the SVCD is mpeg2 and everyone knows QuickTime chucks a crap with mpeg2 files. Thanks!
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    I remember submitting a feature request a couple of months ago for both VCD and SVCD playback support. So I'll be happy if they're supported, I won't need to keep using VLC.
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    Um... VCD's work fine in qt/panther. I know what you mean about qt screwing up mpeg 2, and it seems SVCD's (the mpeg 2 sort) are still unsupported. VLC will do the job for now.
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    I wonder whether SVCDs will work if you've got the MPEG2 component installed?
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    i dont think so cause i have Final Cut Pro 4 which includes compressor which (i think) has the mpeg2 component for qt....the flile just wouldnt load when i tried it.
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    Hmm I have a SVCD of Kill Bill (in german) and Quicktime and VLC both won't work for playing it. I downloaded it to help me with my German class (seriously) and it sucks..

    I tried it on my Windoze PC with PowerDVD player and it works fine...

    I'm surprised to say the least.
    :confused: :confused:
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    go to store.apple.com and purchase the mpeg-2 playback codec for quicktime, or use VLC. VLC works great is is cheaper than the reasonably priced mpeg2 codec. I use VLC to watch all my macgyver episodes.
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    I'd pretty much given up hope on playing VCDs natively, so I didn't even think to check if Panther would play one, but lo and behold, it works!

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    Try Mplayer

    Not to sound like a shill or anything, but Mplayer for OS X plays every file format I've been able to throw at it so far. Pixlet support may not be in yet though...


    Check it out!! and it's got full-screen, which QT does not have (Stupid idea on Apple's part IMHO).

    Also if you install DVDibbler, you can rip any DVD, it uses the mplayer/mencoder binaries that come with mplayer OS X.

    Have fun!!
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    Yeah I have the mpeg2 for Quicktime and I also have Quicktime Pro for that matter. I haven't tried Mplayer yet.. but as I said I've tried QT pro with the Mpeg2 decoder.. and VLC.. :( I'm very sad.. Neither Cleaner 6 or Final Cut Pro work on the files either.

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