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Panther in Oz.

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) Discussion' started by pjtro2, Oct 23, 2003.

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    Just wondering if any fellow Australians have had their order status changed from 'open'? (particularly up-to-date customers)
    Apple store here seem to be a little slow off the mark... :(
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    Yeah, luckily mine changed to shipped about 2am Thursday morning (Aussie Time).

    Although I have not received a shipping notice yet. Quite strange...
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    I ordered my copy through the online up-to-date program.
    I stooopidly ordered my imac a week before Panther was announced. Sad thing is if I had waited a week, I probably would:

    a) Have received my mac about the same time. (I got it Tuesday - I half expected the discs to be in the box as an early surprise - fool!)
    b) Had panther pre-installed
    c) Saved myself $35 bucks.

    The main reason I went through apple store in the first place is the 3 year extended warranty on EDU purchases.
    Hope you get your copy today.. There's not a chance I'll get mine til next week sometime.. I don't think Apple Aus seem to be as excited or determined to get Panther out to us die hard fans (or the rest of the mac community) as they do in the States.
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    I'm an up to dater...and currently I haven't been shipped anything to be up to date.

    Still open.
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    It is Oct 24 - 1:24pm to be exact. My order is still OPEN - nothing shipped yet - and no more hope of getting it today (Melbourne). Despite the fatc that the Australian Apple site states 19hrs:34minutes - my order says clearly ON OR BEFORE 24 OCT. So WHAT NOW? What's wrong with Apple Australia - even in Europe they start receiving shipments - a guy in the UK (lucky bastard) was the first one to receive it EVER IN HISTORY (I mean a NORMAL customer - not ADC or some freaky **** like that!)

    I want it - and if Apple OZ is too lazy (ah yeah - it's Friday and as such we'd like to hang out somewhere at the beach in Albert Park area rather than picking and packaging stupid black boxes with an even more stupid X on it) ... well, therefore god invented (or someone else, but let's hope it wasn't Intel or so) BROADBAND INTERNET ... bro, yo know wot I mean, yeah?!
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    Still open. Up to date copy for my G5 which I finally arrived a week ago ,If any Australian gets their copy and their still has status open please post because I missed a courier this morning and I dont know of anything else It logically could be.
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    Does it say somewhere that it comes out on the 24th in Australia? Over here in NZ it comes out 9am on the 25th - I believe that's still before 8pm 24th in the US :)

    Edit: Maybe I should've just looked at apple.com.au, I see it comes out 9am on the 25th over there too.
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    i'm still waiting as of As of 03:00 PM JST, 10/24/2003. oh, and i'm an up-to-dater as well.

    i could have sworn that Apple.com.au said 8pm, 24th, just like the US. i remember because i got that Panther countdown widget, then i went to the site after i got it and saw that they were both synched.

    then this arvo i checked the apple.com.au again and it said like 20hrs to go and the widget said 5hrs!!! spewing!! :mad:

    oh well. if it gets here Saturday morning i can live with that. at least then i'll have the rest of the weekend to play. :D

    and a side note... the iMacs haven't been updated haven't they? it's just that apple.com.au has them on the front page again...
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    Nope.. Been watching that thing like a train-spotting lunatic since they put it up, always said the 25th... Which, as highlighted before, is still 4 hours ahead of Cupertino time... (or an hour ahead of NYC..)
    Apple Aus don't deliver Saturdays.. and from their half-assed attitude every time I spoke to someone at the Apple store recently, I doubt they're going to foot the bill for special Sat Panther deliveries.. (I pray I'm wrong)
    I just took delivery of a lovely 1.25ghz 17" one on Tuesday, so I will be more than a little upset if they have since the update on the 8th September...:D
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    Family pack not till next week

    I did the righ thing and ordered the family pack (iBook, G4/733 and G4/500) - but its not ready until next Wednesday.

    Half a mind to cancel it and just buy a single copy!
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    My UtD order from 11/10 is still listed as 'open', although there's been a pending charge on my credit card from Apple for exactly A$35 since Thursday. It looks like they'll ship early next week...
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    Well that's it folks... Apple store staff have called it a day for today... so if your order is still set to 'open', it is going to be a very long weekend.... :mad:
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    The very first day they said the 24th then they got the clock going and it was 9am 24th.

    No saturday delivery:( Besides my order is till open as of 6pm so I cant see them making Saturday delivery regardless.

    So their estimated shipping date of 24th probably means 25th or 27th.....
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    Know go for Saturday

    Apple store woman told me Monday or Tuesday at the earlyest, they shipped out today. Australia post don't do Saturday's.
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    you're joking about no Saturday delivery right!!:mad: so we've got to wait until next week!! that sucks!

    why couldn't they just have them all delivered today (Friday)? other people have had them delivered early... and having it delivered early sure is better than waiting until the next week!:mad:

    i'm convinced now that Apple Australia really sucks...

    edit>> i just wanted to add that everyone should disregard my sig for this post. definitely no w00t... at this moment i am not stoked!!:mad:
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    Just got a shipping notice from Apple Australia (time stamped 8:09 PM)! Doubt it'll be here tomorrow... Monday or Tuesday next week seems likely.


    Dear Apple Customer,

    The following products shipped on 24.10.2003. Transit time will
    depend upon whether you have chosen standard or premium freight
    options. If your order is shipping standard freight, it should arrive
    within 2 - 5 business days of shipment.

    Product # Product Description Qty Ext Price
    M9231Z/A MAC OS X PANTHER 10.3 FULFIL/UTD-INT 1 31.82
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    Oh by the way rayzor, my previous purchases from Apple have shipped with BAX Global -- I don't think Apple uses Australia Post for order fulfilment. Many courier companies offer Saturday delivery as an option (for extra charge I think), but I doubt Apple will use it in this case.
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    This is SHîT.

    Bad management on apples behalf.

    Apple could have had Panther shipped to australian customers if they actually cared about us.

    But they shouldnt have to. afterall, were only australians.
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    I was emailed 8:10, likely too late for me to get it before I fly out again.Grrr if they are just going to mail it why wont they ship to a PO box.Oh well at least I have the mental satisfaction about the likely outcome of bitching to apple in a few weeks because my 10.3 wasnt successfuly delivered
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    hmmm - I got a shipping notice as well. As far as I remember with Jag I received that one on a Saturday (Apple used to engage some parcel delivery instead of Australian Post) - so there might be a glimpse of hope. But the quote of the Apple representative (a bit UP in this thread) is a little worrying and indicating they might have changed to Post.

    In fact - if it doesn't arrive I gotta scratch my head and wonder why they didn't make it available as a download at least for everybody in for the up-to-date program (maybe authenticated with SN of the machine) - Linux gets distributed that way and with some reasonable broadband no problems here!

    Something for the future, Apple?
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    hey yeah, i've never thought of apple having download as an option for OS X. that would be good! :D

    as for the Panther shipping situation... will the Apple re-sellers have it it stock at least? i mean 9am on the 25th? makes me wish i could just cancel my order and get it from a reseller. oh well i guess i am saving money with the UtD program...:rolleyes:
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    If you say they shipped Jag on a Saturday, there's still hope we'll get it tomorrow. My PowerBook/iPod purchase 3 weeks ago shipped (Sydney to Sydney) with BAX Global, not Australia Post, and so did an iPod about a year and a half ago.
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    As Usual we are left hanging no thanks to the location that we live in this is supose to be a big thing for Apple as a whole but yet again anything south of the equaiter pardon the spelling. seems to get less attention probaly exsplains for the poor news services here in Australia .. No offence guys iam a Pom and i find your treatment horific i know theres very little that can be said or done now but hell fire you would think that they would use ups or tnt or any other courier to get orders shipped out for tomrow ..

    Saying that anyone going to a store to get it .. ill be at mont albert getting mine...

    So see ya there if your there
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    Well from the looks of it most poster's in this thread are $35 for up to date rather than $230 for full copy's ie we have allready spent a few grand in last few months and the only place to buy up to date is apple store. Despite that i am almost tempted by the fact that maybe I could sell my old g4 with 10.3 instead of 10.2 and get a couple hundred back towards the cost of retail 10.3 .

    Isnt kola a bear you drink?
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    Yeah, they do. A friend who is a reseller received their shipment on Thursday. (with embargo until saturday of course)

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