panther, safari, and engrish

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) Discussion' started by mnkeybsness, Oct 3, 2003.

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    yeah that's right "engrish"

    check out this only happens on some websites and only in safari on build 7B74...anyone else have this weirdo thing happening...

    this screenshot is from

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    What a big 'ol bug!:p
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    That can't be real.

    The error isn't consistent. Look at the bolded text.
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    the error never happens on any links (bolded text, as you call it)

    it also happens to me on this site

    this is really messed up...i thought it was just a joke at first...i know there are little plugins for some blogs that will change all of your text to some crazy made up language, but i've never seen any for other web pages.
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    Oh, so this is on your machine? I thought it was something that was e-mailed to you.

    Well then, that is weird...
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    my first thought was maybe safari was choking on certain DOCTYPEs and displaying them in a foreign language. initially, all those weird vowel combinations made me think your screenshot was in dutch or afrikaans, but a cursory google doesn't bring up any of those words, so it looks like it's just a bizarre scramble... how odd!
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    anyone else running panther find this bug/problem?
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    "f*X0r 1.0 - just ... junples ub text, reolly" - are you sure someone didn't sneak onto your computer and install this? :confused:
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    Re: panther, safari, and engrish

    I'm not getting those errors on versiotracker or the other site you linked to using Safari and 7B74.
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    it's just a screenshot of the versiontracker website... and besides...i tested that program after you pointed out what it did...and it's all internal, you just type something into the window and it "translates" it, in a different manner than the scrambled/messed up words on VT
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    That program jumbles text in a different way--it keeps the first and last letters the same, but mixes up everything in the middle--it's sort of making a point, which is that you can still read stuff so long as the first and last letters match and the stuff in the middle looks similar. That's not the way the text in the above screenshot appears to be screwed up.

    My first guess, though, would be that somebody installed something similar on your computer without you knowing it, although it's odd that it'd only affect a few pages.

    Have you checked what text encoding and/or keyboard layout your Mac is set to? It doesn't sound right, but like the above poster said, if the text encoding was wrong, it's possible to get some transposed characters (try setting an English page with no lang set to Japanese, and some punctuation turns out funny).

    ...on second thought, probably not; VT properly sets a character encoding, which I think should override user settings.

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    I had the exact same issue with Panther. It affected a few pages in Safari (including Versiontracker), and a few email messages in (only 2 out of thousands, as far as I could tell). The weirdest things about it: it's almost a phonetic interpretation of the text, in most cases -- the letters are just switched in really weird ways. Also, like mnkeybsnss said, if you copy and paste the text, it's spelled "correctly" -- i.e., text that looks like "hyyp://www.cmm.con" would turn out to be "" when copied and pasted into the address bar. Because of this, I figured it was a font or encoding issue for sure...

    After I installed Panther, I was messing around with FontBook and stupidly installed a bunch of old fonts. I think that one or more of these conflicted with each other, or with a system font. I solved the issue by deleting all the fonts I installed (I didn't feel like troubleshooting them individually), which seemed to work. A good way to test this would be to find a page that causes the garbled text, then change your default fonts in Safari >> Preferences... see if that works. Also, try changing the text encoding (View >> Text Encoding) to Western (ISO Latin 1). Let me know what works for you -- I don't know if you installed extra fonts or not, so I'm not sure that this WAS the real problem.
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    look at item number four in the pict

    are you sure you didn't use that?
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    haha, man i think i just found my new sig.
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    Phil Of Mac

    It's a feature, not a bug!
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    Why not use 7b85 like everyone else? Of course b74 has bugs, that is why there are newer builds.

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