Parallels 7 on Mountain Lion?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Rian Gray, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Rian Gray, Mar 1, 2012
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    I can't even start guessing how Parallels is paralyzed on Mountain Lion.
    It won't even launching, or maybe it does start launch and crashes automatically.

    Has anyone found some clues how to fix this problem?

    Parallels is now officially NOT supporting Mountain Lion until Apple launches in public.

    --Okay, apparently what I've said wasn't clear enough. I cleared it up a little. But still, my question still holds: anyone with ideas?
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    I suspect Parallels will be version 8 for Mountain Lion and require an upgrade fee.
  3. maflynn, Mar 1, 2012
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    I cannot speak for Parallels, but the work around for Vmware is to boot ML into 32bit mode (reboot and hold the 3 and 2 keys down) and start vmware from the terminal.

    I'm running a dual system at the moment, one volume for ML and another for Lion just because of the Vmware issue and a few other bugs
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    I tried Virtual Box... My Mac crashed and it forced me to press the power button.
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    Isn't the point of developer previews to allow developers, such as the makers of Parallels, to modify their products to allow them to work with new releases of software??? If Parallels doesn't work, and the company knows about it, what is the issue? they are nowhere near required to support an unreleased OS.
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    Parallels Desktop 7 also requires 32-bit mode and a launch script which you can find here:

    I've got Windows 7 x64 in a Boot Camp partition that runs just fine using the workaround solution. Just be sure and install Parallels tools in Windows first (before you create the virtual machine in Parallels).
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    Are you actually complaining that they won't support their product on an unreleased OS? I don't even... :rolleyes:
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    And this is one of the reasons why you shouldn't use unreleased versions of the OS for your production system. Any software that has issues may not get fixed until the OS is released.
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    Huh? Really? I think you've lost a bit of perspective.
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    Yea, it’s kind of silly for Parallels to spend the effort now to update their product for a moving target (since there are going to be several updated releases until formal release in the next few months) that isn’t even targeted toward consumers. It’s much easier to hold off releases until the RC or the GM where they know the code will be stable. That’s just smart business. The most you would ever see would be some sort of a selected beta program from Parallels that might not even be a stable release for them.
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    That's what I suspect as well. And that's why I am so frustrated as well.


    Please read, not just quote the whole thing, and denounce someone else. Parallels usually charge the upgrade fee for new OS. Now that I am working around with Mountain Lion, I just felt what I have spent for Parallels 7 worth nothing until I pay another fee.

    I'm not even asking Parallels to be kind. I'm simply asking, is there anyone who came up with temporary solution.
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    The temporary solution is to continue to use Lion until Parallels updates its software.
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    Basically that's what I'm doing with Vmware. I have a Lion volume and a Mountain Lion volume. Its much easier to deal with the issue that way.
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    Yep, new version of PD7 works a treat with ML and W8 CP.
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    lol, that's what I am doing now. W8 inside ML.
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    it does work buddy.. google search Parallel Launcher V2 and boot ur Mac in 32 bit mode (hold 32 right after powering on)
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    Or you could just update Parallels. It is fully compatible with Mountain Lion as both host and guest.
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    Really? Ill try updating then. Thanks for the update.
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    Yes, great job done by the Parallels team last week to get ML and Windows 8 compatibility sorted out.
  21. pmz
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    How can I update Parallels if it won't even launch under ML?
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    Eh, download it from the Parallels site!
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    Mr. Retrofire

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    The solution to the problem with parallels seven is to update to the latest version of parallels seven. This can be done by going to the parallels seven homepage and re downloading the parallels seven software. Underneath download a free trial there is an option if you already have your ID key number. download that copy and parallels should work fine

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