'Parallels Access' Launches in App Store, Bringing Mac and Windows Access to the iPad

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    Parallels, the company behind popular virtualization software Parallels, has launched a new iPad app and subscription service called Parallels Access that allows iPad and iPad mini users to remotely access and use their Mac or Windows apps on the device.
    The app allows users to interact with their desktop apps in the same way they would interact with their iPad apps, with the full range of iPad gestures available for compatible apps. Parallels Access translates what would usually be mouse clicks and movements into iPad-friendly alternatives.

    Users must download the free Parallels Access Desktop app to their computer of choice in addition to the app on the iPad. They can then access their desktop apps via the Sprinboard-like App Launcher and switch between apps in the iOS-like App Switcher. The apps are only available to use on the iPad in "full screen" mode.

    The app, though free, requires a subscription service and costs $79.99 a year per computer running a registered client. Parallels offers a free 14-day trial that allows users to test the app before purchasing.

    Parallels Access is available for free for the iPad and iPad mini [Direct Link]

    Article Link: 'Parallels Access' Launches in App Store, Bringing Mac and Windows Access to the iPad
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    oh yay! :rolleyes:
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    This should be on the first page. It's great. (waiting to see how well desktop apps work in iPad only gestures).
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    Just watched the video. Don't think it is any better than its alternatives. :cool:
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    Splashtop is a better deal
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    Amazing Iceman

    Parallels presents Unparalleled Non-sense for your iPad
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    This is a nice app. Good to know you can use your iDevice as a multitouch track pad...
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    $79/year... whaa...? :confused:

    I am not prepared to incur [large] recurring payments for a non-service (e.g. not like Dropbox, Pandora, etc.) application.
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    Um, no.
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    The subscription is obviously an anti piracy measure and to avoid a major sticker shock, but $80 a year is a rather steep. They could probably only justify $20 as a stand alone app, it's just the way the App Store market is.

    On the flip side, the number of users pirating their other mac software, the pool of potential real customers is probably quite small and pushed them to this approach.
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    So, the many free or cheap alternatives out there that do exactly the same aren't good enough?

    Or are the guys behind this just banking on some windows-on-a-mac fanboys to be frothing over their brand so much that they will pay for this, and like oh so many gym memberships, forget to cancel it and pay for it forever while not actually using it?
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    How is this different from the existing Parallels for iPhone and iPad?
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    Think i will stick to using LogMeIn as it is free and works extremely well ;)
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    And I will stick with TeamViewer, also free.
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    I'm a happy occasional user of PocketCloud.
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    This is pretty cool but fairly expensive (including Parallels user-hostile per-computer policy, same as their desktop emulation).

    The pinch zoom looks brutally slow and unresponsive, I would not have shown that in the video. Still, I guess competition is good.
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    They removed the existing Parallels Mobile from the App Store and replaced it with Parallels Access. In the process, it went from a $5 app to an annually-recurring $80 subscription. I really, really loathe subscription models applied to software.
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    What is the difference with team viewer which is free (and also available for all platforms) ?
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    Yeah, I'm not sure Parallels will be able to provide $80 of value over the already adequate alternatives on the market. Not to mention that by the time a year is up, whatever new features Parallels was offering, will likely have been added to alternatives like LogMeIn. The app market is changing too fast for me to want to jump into a one year/$80 contract, when who knows what the best app in this category will be in 12 months.
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    TeamViewer, and the others, serve as a remote viewer and virtual keyboard & mouse. This app provides an experience that feels like you're still using an iPad app while accessing your Mac or PC.
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    Tested and approved by the NSA. :)
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    This functionality should have been a native ios/osx feature provided by Apple.
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    Parallels Desktop is updated every year at $50 (vs. $65 at most retailers). $80 strikes me as exorbitant, particularly since Parallels Desktop is not included.

    Parallels might as well just join the subscription party and offer both OS X and iOS clients at combined $50/year. I realize Apple takes 30% of the in-app purchase, but $80 ($56 after 30%) is just too much.
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    Make it $0.99 and I'm sold.
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    Meanwhile on the MS Surface, you still get the Windows Desktop interface

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