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Parallels confirms Leopard support

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 29, 2007.

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    I haven't had any problems with Parallels 3 with Leopard, it works exactly the same as it did with Tiger :)
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    I had to re-install it, but that's it.
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    I get the error about the mount timeout but then once I stop the WinXP VM, I can't start any apps in Leopard. Say I try to open Terminal or Quicktime; the icons just bounce from the dock but never open and I can't even force quit them. I end up having to hard boot every time I run parallels. I'm running 3.0 with build 5160. I also did a regular upgrade to Leopard. I will try a reinstall or wait for the next build, but in the meantime wondered if anyone else had a similar experience.

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    for me the 5160 installer hangs which works fine on tiger
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    Have to say, it works great for me. Even putting different windows in different spaces under coherence.

    I'm presently using parallels in fullscreen mode in one of the spaces.

    I find that fullscreen runs near native, and allot faster than coherence, and with spaces the windows screen is accessable at the flick of a switch
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    I've been using VMWare with Leopard for awhile now with no problems. They just released a new beta that's even better. We use Parallels at work, and I can't stand it. To each his own I guess though.
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    I installed the 5540 beta and upgraded MacFUSE and all is working fine now.
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    I had to re-install it, but that's it.
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    I have had exactly the same problems. I only had 512mb applied (2gb available), and have scaled that down to 256mb, also reduced video ram and scaled down everything generally. I think it's helped - but clearly there are issues which need to be resolved!
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    Works perfectly fine for me.

    No problems at all - even video chat on MSN Messenger works fine.
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    I'm running great in Build 5540.
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    Yep. i get the same thing. There's a support page on Parallels webpage that says to turn off the disk sharing .
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    I put in a request for beta builds but never heard anything. How'd you get in?
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    Google :rolleyes:
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    Interesting, that wasn't there last time I went to check beta builds. As I said I applied for the beta program but never heard back.
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    Beta build news always hits the news sites. The page to download it isn't hidden anywhere for the public beta.
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    I ran Parallels 3 fine with Tiger and now that I switched to Leopard, and i just tried to start parallels 3 it said I needed to reboot or restart my computer and it locked up everything. I did that, and parallels did not load. So I did it again and again it locked my my computer and asked me to hard reset. It is a a looping of some soft. What caused this?

    Do I need to reinstall my parallels 3 too?
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    You might strongly consider reinstalling Parallels.
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    Go to 'Documents' and find the folder 'Parallels'. Copy whatever is inside that to somewhere.

    Now reinstall Parallels. Place that folder back into my Documents as before, and all your Windows settings, data etc will be back.
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    I took your advice and removed Parallels, then reinstalled and it now works ok. Thanks for the advice.

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