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Parisian Apple Store Robbed of 1 Million Euros in Merchandise on New Year's Eve

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 2, 2013.

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    The Apple Store Opéra in Paris, France was robbed by four masked gunmen on New Year's Eve. The thieves made off with more than 1 million euros worth of iPhones and iPads.

    With Apple gadgets fetching such a high price on the secondary market, thefts of individual devices in muggings are common. However, organized robberies on Apple Retail Stores are more uncommon.

    The Covent Garden location in London was attacked by a group of armed motorcycle riders in 2011, while an Apple Store employee was shot at a Virginia Apple Store back in 2009. Smash and grabs are more common, with thieves using vehicles to crash through the barricades at outdoor stores to steal merchandise.

    Article Link: Parisian Apple Store Robbed of 1 Million Euros in Merchandise on New Year's Eve
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    Security probably had their Do-Not-Disturb on....
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    Mike MA

    I know what the mayor of Paris will soon be saying about their crime index.
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    Time to hit ebay ;) On a serious note, security staff probably had their "eyes closed" by "design".
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    We have the plot to a new Hercule Poirot's case...
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    Hope they enabled "find my iPhone"
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    Wow, I was just in that store recently...
    Apple needs to find a way to beef up their security in these stores. The more these stories are in the news the more smash and grabs are going to happen...
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    Why? Were there riots on the Champs Elysees?
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    Missing from the story is the part where Apple files a lawsuit against Samsung over the theft.
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    Thanks for the credit after I emailing you the story lads!
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    Great, Apple prices will go up eventually if this theft in millions keeps happening.
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    NYE? Partying? Fireworks? Perhaps :rolleyes:
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    Find my phone and find my Mac should be enabled on all store devices. That way making them easier to track and possibly less of a temptation to steal if the thieves knew about it

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    MacRumors didn't credit me after I emailed the story about Steve Jobs dying.
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    If the story can be sourced by a newspaper or news outlet, no need. Otherwise MR does credit individuals. Source: I was the source of a news report regarding the iPhone 4's 'grip of death issue' and a fix that helped others but not all.
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    What exactly did you do that was so heroic we all need to know about it?
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    We always enabled it on the devices in my store.
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    Isn't this news 2 days old already?
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    Where did you get in from, the BBC, or the countless other sites that have had this story up since early this morning/yesterday?
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    If their products weren't so over priced then there wouldn't be such a false second hand product market. You don't see people smash and grab PC World for some Samsung laptops because their prices are reasonable so there isn't a stupid second hand market.
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    I would think that Apple has serial numbers on all stolen inventory.

    If not, they're more stupid than I look.
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    Goods where taken from storage area

    This morning, the store was closed but you could see thru the windows that the interior was completely intact, with the display tables and sample products are their place.

    So they most probably grabbed crates of iPhones and iPads still in their boxes, allowing a much efficient robbery than the crash and grab we saw on videos.

    For Apple, using the serial numbers when they connect to the internet and phone home, to either brick them or spot them would be a good solution.
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    Hahahaha this is hilarious unlucky apple.
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    False? :D

    I think it's a National thing. In fact, i'm almost certain. But shhhh, can't talk about it. :rolleyes:

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