Partitioning the HD for Fedora

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by johng723, May 31, 2004.

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    How can I partition the HD so that I can install Fedora onto my computer. Would it be easier to just buy an external HD? Also, do you guys recommend I get Grub?
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    back up everything and install fedora.
    what other OS do you need to use?
    Using Windows right now, as a dual boot system, is pointless because of my favorite accidental feature of Fedora ;) (you wont be able to boot Windows ;) )
    use grub, you need it.
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    I also need the use windows for c++. should i get virtual pc first and then install fedora? I was planning on getting an external 20 gb harddrive for both
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    Here's my best guess (I run Fedora now, but it's alone, so I don't have your potential problem):

    If you need to shrink a partition down, I would use partition magic or a similar tool and give fedora some room. Install Fedora, making sure that it knows where the windows partition is, and that it doesn't touch it. Then, when it's installed and booted into Fedora, run something similar to:

    sfdisk -d | sfdisk -C# -H# -S#

    (replace C,H,S with your info... more here: )

    Lee Tom
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    Westside guy

    Wait wait wait

    Don't do anything weird until you see a problem!!!

    The issue being referred to in above posts appears to only affect older BIOSes; while it indeed sucks this doesn't happen to the vast majority of people. I installed Fedora Core 2 last night on a dual-boot system I've had for a couple years, with no problems.

    You won't have to "get grub" since it's been the default bootloader since Red Hat 8. :D If you install Fedora you will have grub.

    If this is a new disk - be sure to partition and install Windows first.
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    #6 or virtual pc?
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    What do you guys think about Yellow Dog Linux over Fedora?
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    Mostly that YDL=PPC and Fedora=x86
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    What do you need Windows for C++ for? You can write C++ right in OSX. It even has built in compilers.
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    not built in, but installable
    *drool* the power of gcc

    and thanks for the clarifications on the dualboot thing, although seeing as how i wiped out my xp install with gentoo, i wont be giving a crap about it any longer.
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    Westside guy

    Okay, are you talking about a Mac (PPC) now, or a Windows (x86) box?

    There is an experimental Fedora install for PPC, but I'm pretty sure Yellow Dog is not available for x86. There'd really be no point since it's basically a port of Red Hat/Fedora.

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