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Party like it's 1234567890!

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 13, 2009.

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    Category: News and Press Releases
    Link: Party like it's 1234567890!
    Description:: The official Unix calendar is about to pass a milestone: exactly 1234567890 seconds since the clock first started ticking.

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    long live the king - good link !
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    Tom B.

    Only 273 years to go till 9876543210!
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    I'll be waiting since I missed this one! Dang it.
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    That day will never come. The Unix time ends in 2038.
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    Nah thats old

    No one uses 32 bit times anymore. MacOSX, Linux, BSD's, Solaris all current versions use 64 bit time values. So that time will come.
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    lol this is hilarious. thats a lot of seconds!
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    Actually Mac does, in Terminal try,
    > date -r 9876543210
    and you get
    Sat Oct  9 03:16:58 EDT 2010
    which shows it looped. They're not using 32 bit time.
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    So when UNIX time resets in 2038, does that mean that my shiny new 256-core Mac Pro with 2,048 terabytes of RAM will be suddenly useless? :(
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    nah, it'll just think it's 1900....
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    Do you really think you'll still have it by then? In that time span people will look at it like we look at punch card technology. The clock will be the leats of your worries. By 2038 all modern OS will have moved on to 64-bit time (or higher by then) so it won't be a serious issue. The only ones that have to worry currently are people like banks who have to deal with forecasting several years out to equate mortgages and the like.

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