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Pasadena Apple store.....booo.. no 17's

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by photohead, Mar 19, 2003.

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    I just got back from apple store in Pasadena, Ohhhhh are those 17PB sweet!!!!!!! unfortunatly they don't have any available. there is a waiting list of a dozen people waiting for them. But there was a guy there that had his being set up and I got to check it out. <I want one!!!> :D Any leads on who has some in stock now??
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    lol cool you like the pasadena apple store?
    everyone's waiting for the 17" PowerBooks.
    ever check out the other three apple stores near los angeles (grove, glendale, northridge)?
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    got our 2nd one in today and left very soon after. if you dont have one on order i would expect may to june before you can walk into a store and grab one off a shelf.

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    The Apple Store at the Grove had them yesterday and today. They are getting shipments every day, apparantly. I also called MacMall ( Creative Computers ) in Sta. Monica and they don't have one today. I was told they had one yesterday and was sold within 10 minutes. They have a great offer of doubling the RAM on their 12 and 17' PB. All I can do is wait for my shipment to come in.. on or before 26 March, so I could get my free "Early Bird" Special T-Shirt and a 10 percent disccount:) on any other merchandise at Apple store.
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    awesome! you live in LA!!! did u see me at the apple store? short, hairy geek? i mean average height, long haired geek or perhaps a tall and bald geek :D
    the battery's not in the 17" powerbook @ the grove...wonder if they have one available.
    oooh 17' PB eh? typo typo i wish one existed though :)
    apple's opening a new retail store in santa monica (third street promenade) soon i hope
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    Hey!..I thought I was the only one booing here....Most of my threads start with or include; Boo!....Booo...
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    Ubergeek--:) I live at the Apple store < grin > I am about 5 blocks from the Grove.:D !!!
    Damn--- I wonder how MacMall ( Creative Computers) feel about another Apple store opening in Sta. Monica. Ha Ha!!
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    i live at the apple store too :)
    macmall probably won't mind :)
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    There was one available at the Chicago Woodfield store today at lunch. Probably gone now, though
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    Pasadena Store????? I'm divided....I like it ... but the tech support is slow...they've been trying to figure out why my superdrive in my mirror dual 1ghz is on the fritz and they've had it for 2weeks....well not really I got frustrated and took it back and told them to call me after they find out what the f is wrong with it.....and there's no glass stair case. lol.. but we all can't have a glass stair case huh? hehehe It's what I got and its close so I really can't complain...better then nothing..!
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    Dude..I live about 3 minutes from a new MACMALL retail store and distribution center (Torrance, Ca)....Just thought that was cool...
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    I just bought my 17PB at the Pasadena Apple store today!! I"m soooo excited.. and it's definitely worth the wait-- the screen is awesome!!
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    the genius bar at the grove and northridge apple stores are better (in my opinion) :)
    the ones in pasadena and glendale are so booooring :p
    i love the glass staircases :D
    übercool...only like two apple stores have that constantly cracking glass staircase right?
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    Ubergeek-- I totally agree with you. The geniuses at the Grove ( from personal experience ) is better , helpful and more knowledgeable than the Pasadena store. I just had to have my 17 PB and when i called the Grove @ 10:00 a.m., they did not have any. I called Pasadena store and they asked for my name and number. 30 minutes later, Pasadena store called and said they go the shipment in so I immediately drove there a bought it. I had lunch at Il Fornaio and called the Grove and they informed me that they got a shipment ( 14 17 PB ). Too bad, they missed me by an hour! I had to cancel my online order cuz I just could not wait another week!! Incidentally , the sales associate at the Pasadena store told me that I needed to purchase the Airport Exterme base in order for my PB to work. For the record , my 17PB works just fine with my Airport Base. I did not need the Airport Extreme. I am on my way to the Apple Store to return the Extreme.:)
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    um it sonds like you like the pasadena apple store more...anyway, you didn't have a need to get that airport extreme base because 802.11b and 802.11g are compatible :p
    i don't like this one genius at the grove apple store...she's not exactly nice. :rolleyes:
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    Actually, I prefer the Apple Grove store. It is the West Coast Flagship store and closer to where I live. Hmm .. yes I've heard that some of the staff has a bit of an 'attitude' problem. This one in particular is a HE.
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    Re: Pasadena Apple store.....booo.. no 17's


    I've been visiting the Pasadena store every other week. I must be a sore eye to these people because I just walk in, they walk up...

    Have any questions I can help you with?

    I'm waiting for the 17"...


    Do you know when they will be in?

    Probably within the next couple of weeks...

    Okay, I guess I'll have questions then...

    Mutual smile.

    Sales rep walks away.

    GLAD to hear that this won't be happening any more. :D
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    The Apple Store says 3 to 5 weeks on 17"?

    Is that true? - I guess there's no difference between getting it online and getting it at the store then, huh? (Sales tax is still the same)
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    Nope no difference. Still have to pay sales tax. I got my PB today cuz I could not wait on or before 26 March, if I bought it at the Apple store online. If you plan to buy it at the Pasadena Store, Matt will be happy to help you!!:)
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    There's this one genius at the apple store she's about 5'6" or 5'7", blonde i think and gives everyone a hard time. don't ask her anything, don't go to her she's not a nice person. She'll act all superior and get all mad if you don't do something her way.
    The guys are great...better than the girls at the apple store...the guys are always the ones that ask if you have any questions, the ones who always crack jokes, etc.
    I avoid most of the women at the grove apple store.
    On the other hand the ones at northridge are all nice and i like going there more.
    hey can you describe the smell of an apple store?
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    Hey Ubergeek--- my olfactory glands are not pointing to something unpleasant. Although, at the Grove, I can smell a lil bit of popcorn from the cinemas across the street.:D So are you getting the 17 PB?
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    Maybe she has and infiriority <sorry for spelling I think....I'm lazy to spell check> complex.... she's surounded by a bunch of men and she might feel like see needs an attitude to prove something and be tough. ?? maybe?
    or she might be a B**ch.. ehehehe:)
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    UPDate on the Pasadena Apple store.

    Just got back once again, and I have some promising news. They told me that at the moment that they have zero 17PB's but they will get around 10 or so tomorrow morning. They said that the people that are on the list will have first crack but ........:D once they call and the person doesn't get there in two hours they will go to first come first serve basis. Yea!!!.... get there early camp out .....whatever.....get some great food next door at Aux delis and wait for someone to drop the ball.. eheheh <insert evil laughter.> <cough> <phlem> ....
    or you can just call in the morning and put your name on the list.
    they said they WILL definatly get more then a hand full tomorrow.

    hope this helps.
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    i swear it's the smell of new computers ;)
    our school got some new ones...take a look at the switch stories down below in the forums ;)
    i already have a 17" PB :)

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