passing wiimote around?

Discussion in 'Games' started by sam10685, May 15, 2006.

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    i was just watching Iwata reveal the wimote at TGS 2005 and i was wondering... he said the wiimote will know the distance from the tv. what if ur playing a 1 person game (like Mario Galaxy i'm guessing) and you want to pass the controller to ur buddy over across the room to let him play or something like that?
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    I'm assuming that the Wiimote will have to be recalibrated if you change the play position by more than a couple feet. They've said that they will be saving profiles for each different 'mote, so I suppose you could have one setup for play in spot A, one for area B, etc.
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    So, tape a circle on the floor where you're supposed to stand... otherwise you'll have to recalibrate every time? :confused: :eek: :D
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    Laf... well I assume that most people play games while sitting in front of the same couch, or in the case of the Wii standing in front of said couch. I'm sure there will be some flexibility as to how far you can move with it... as long as the sensor doesn't move.

    Think of it this way: the sensor bar can tell where the 'mote is pointing and how far away it is, relative to itself. Once you calibrate it, it'll know where the TV is relative to the bar as well. So you should be able to move around a fair amount with no trouble.

    I would imagine that changing the angle you viewing the set from or dramatically changing position would require you to calibrate it again. Probably as simple as "Aim here and press A. Now aim here. Thanks, done".
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    hm i doubt you would have to calibrate the controllers all the time when passing them around
    i think i remember in some article that you can take your "wiimotes" to a freinds house and his Wii automatically detects them with zero configuration

    i think once you have calibrated your sensor bar to your TV you will be done .. i guess you only might have to recalibrate when changing screens..

    i hope we'll find out soon while holding them in our hands ;)
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    That would make sense, as long as the console knows where the sensor is relative to the screen it would be able to figure out what your doing anywhere in "sight" of the sensor bar.
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    maybe it'll be like the super scope thing for the SNES where you click a button then shoot the screen and that's the center point.:confused:
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    What I don't get is why they can't just fuse the sensor bar to the Wii itself. Like an aerial-less mobile phone. All it needs to do is triangulate where the controller is which can be done anywhere so long as it's calibrated. right? Or is the console too small to do that, I mean the longer the bar= the better the higher the accuracy?

    Funny though. That bar is going to go so well with my 2005FPW. Who'da thunk anything could match something from Dell.
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    the calibration is to calibrate the sensor bar in relation to the screen, not the remote to the sensor bar so the system knows where on the screen your pointing. the whole point of the sensor bar is that it knows exactely where the wiimote is and where it's pointing. once you calibrate it once, you'll never need to again so long as you don't move your tv or sensor bar. It's not where you are, it's where your pointing, so passing the wiimote around will be no different then it is with any other controller.
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    I'll see if I can find the link but Nintendo have said during an interview that no calibration/recalibration of the Wiimote is necessary at set up or during play (I think?). You just use it as you would a regular controller. It's all about the sensor bar and the wiimote itself.
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    Perhaps if you just pause the game the Wiimote will automatically recalibrate itself? I dunno... just a thought.:eek:
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    no, you do need to calibrate once. notice how in alot of E3 videos you see a little thing saying "point here and hit A" or something like that? how else is the wii going to know where your tv is? the sensor bar always knows where the wiimote is, but not where it is on screen, unless you calibrate it once. the bar can go on top or on bottom of the tv, but you need to point to a spot on the tv so the wii knows where the tv, sensor bar and wiimote are in relation to each other.
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    ok, let me just clarify everything once more so everone understands how this works.

    you do need to calibrate once, when you first set up the system, and thats it. it never needs to be calibrated again.

    this isn't any kind of insider nintendo knowledge, this is common sense. here's how the calibration works:

    due to the sensors, the wiimote and sensor bar always know where they are in relation to each other, most likely by measuring distances between various points in each. however, out of box, the wii has no way of knowing where your tv is. if you want to point to the center of your screen, it would know where you are pointing, but not where the center of your screen is, making the controller as good as useless. by placing a dot at the center of the screen and telling you to point to it, it calibrates, so it now knows where the tv and wiimote are in relation to each other. the sensor always knows where the wiimote is, and after this calibration, it knows where the tv is too; so long as the relation between the tv and sensor bar remains the same (ie: you don't move them, or you move them together). This means once calibrated, thats it, you never have to again.

    to simplify things, they might put a little calibration thing at the beginning of each session or game just so the average joe doesn't get confused as to why his wiimote doesn't work right after he moved his tv or something like that, but it wouldn't be that it is needed every time, it would just be nintendo saving themselves from thousands of support calls having to ask the customer "did you move your tv or sensor bar" and if yes, "did you recalibrate afterwards".

    hope this clears things up.
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    Nope, no recalibration needed according to the people at Nintendo's booth. None whatsoever. It just knows if you're moving closer and further from the TV (so you can stab a sword forward and whatnot).

    The sensor bar always remains in the same place, so you never need to recalibrate the Wiimote.
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    Ya after I thought about it for a bit and read some other peoples comments I realized that as long as the console knows where the sensor bar is, relative to the screen, it shouldn't matter where you are.

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