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password my wirless network...using airport card and linksys routher...HELP!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jholzner, Aug 2, 2004.

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    Okay, I just setup a wireless network and I can access and join the network from both my mac and my roommates PC. How do I set up a password for entering the network? Everyone these days are stealing connections because they are not password protected but I don't know how to set up a password for access. Can someone help? I tried using airport admin utility but it doesn't find the base station. I'm not using an airport base station but a linksys wire router.

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    You set the wireless password in the router firmware. Typically what you do is put in the IP Address of your router in the address line of your browser (something like That will bring up the configuration screen for your router. Just navigate to the wireless security tab /section, and put in your password. For 128 bit WEP, you actually have to input the Hex codes on your Mac, you can't just input the password. You should be able to get the hex codes from your router; you put in your password and hit "Generate" and it will convert your ASCII password into 128 bit Hex code. (At least, that's how my Belkin router works) Good luck.

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    I have had a similar problem (using a Netgear wireless router). I have put in the password in the router, and then typed the resulting Hex key into the password box on my iMac, but it rejects the password as incorrect every time (I have double and triple checked to make sure I was entering it right). Does anybody know what I might be doing wrong?

    jholzner, in the meantime you can do what I have done which is set up MAC address filtering. When you go into the router firmware, you can set it to only allow computers with specified MAC adresses to connect, thus preventing anybody else from connecting. All you need to know is that number from each computer in your network, and you are all set to go. It doesn't encrypt anything of course, but its better than nothing.
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    As the above poster stated, you go into your router's configuration section by entering it's IP into the browser then hitting enter. It will ask you for a username/password. Check your manual for this specific info. BTW, I definitely would advise changing these two pieces (or at least the password) otherwise someone can just change the settings.

    Check your router for how to configure a WEP (128-bit is better), or a WPA if available. Both will stop the casual user from getting into your network (even 64-bit would), but if someone wants to break in, it will be a little harder with WPA. Of course, both can be broken, but WEP is a much more flawed encryption system.

    Then, on each of your computers, to access the internet, you'll have to set up the software with the WEP/WPA key. Mostly, you'll have to enter it in hex (it probably won't accept the ASCII version).

    If you want to be extra secure, you can use MAC Address Filtering. This will set up your network so that only specific computers (identified by their MAC Address which acts like a locked ID for a computer) can use your network. Check for this too, if you want. A serious hacker can break even this and WEP/WPA combined, but it sounds to me like all you want is casual security.

    Good luck!
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    Okay I found what you guys were talking about. However, there is "WPA Pre-Shared Key" and WPA Radius." I assume I'd use Pre-shared key but I don't under stand the set up. It askes me for a WPA shared key. Is that like a password? It also has a box called "group key renewal" and it is set at 3600. Any more help would be great and thanks for the help so far.
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    You need to put a "$" sign in front of the HEX key to get your Mac to work with your Netgear router. That's what I had to do and it works fine for me.

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