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Paul Mac-carty

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Gaz, Oct 26, 2002.

  1. Gaz
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    Just found this on macuser.co.uk, think you need to register so here's the story:

    A 'secret' Paul McCartney Web site blocked to Mac users is now open, thanks to action from the man himself.
    The former Beatle's new DVD, which features live recordings from his current tour, includes a link to a 'secret' Web site which can be accessed when the DVD is inserted into a PC.

    During an interview with US radio station Eagle 969, he revealed that when told that the DVD would not work in a Mac he immediately set about getting something done.

    As McCartney tells it, 'I got onto our guys, I said, "Get on the phone. Start making enquiries". What's happened is they've just actually sorted it so Apple Mac will be able to do it. So like we're advancing Mac technology.

    'I mean I'm not a tech guy but that to me is really exciting.'

    McCartney is apparently not the only person excited by this. He revealed that, 'Steve Jobs is gonna come round to one of the gigs 'cause he's excited about the thing.'
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    lol, hmm im listening to a paul mccartney solo of hey jude :p
    pretty creepy :p lol jk
    i knew for some time that he used a mac, but he did play some concert for unveiling windows xp or something i think...
    lol n there are a few musicians who met bg and they use macs.. lol...suprised billy didnt get mad...
  3. Gaz
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    Correct me if i'm wrong but didn't Apple have to pay The Beatles a large sum of money to use the name.

    We owe The Beatles a lot! (Makes me proud to British)
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    McCartney is a Mac user, is he not? I saw him on TV a few years ago during his symphony orchestra phase describing how he could use his computer to notate music (he can't do it himself), and I'm almost positive it was a Mac.
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    Re: Paul Mac-carty

    Advancing mac technology? By sending you to a website? What exactly is Paul talking about? It's obvious he's not a tech guy if he gets so excited about hyperlinks. What technology did this advance exactly? Am I missing something?
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    Re: Re: Paul Mac-carty

    He's a 60 year old Beatle. Give him a break.

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